Taliban claims responsibility for attacks

Bombings in Kandahar and at U.S. military base the work of insurgent group, says spokesman


Taliban spokesman Qari Mohmmad Yusuf Ahmadi says his group was responsible for Wednesday’s bombing in Kandahar that claimed the lives of four Canadian soldiers and Calgary-based journalist Michelle Lang. Ahmadi told the Associated Press on Thursday the Taliban was also responsible for an attack against a U.S. military base in the eastern part of Afghanistan that killed eight American civilians, some of whom were reportedly working for the C.I.A., along with one Afghan. Retired major general Lewis Mackenzie CTV’s Canada AM the Taliban likely recognized the shock value of pulling off brazen attacks during the holidays. “They know that the centre of gravity of this mission, which is the minds of the Canadian public, is pretty vulnerable at this time of year while we enjoy our holiday season,” he said.

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Taliban claims responsibility for attacks

  1. Odd that the Taliban would be conducting a PR offensive, according to Lewis Mackenzie, against the 1/4 of Canadians who want our troops to stay there while our government runs from the issues surrounding Afghanistan altogether.

    The Taliban fighting against our values there and the Conservatives fighting against our values here.

    And more dead soldiers in the balance.


  2. Eventually the greatest war of all is coming, we will be fighting the Islam political war which will make all past wars seem very small by comparison, as they are financed by the wealthy Arabs, all other countries will run out of money, the major world power is already broke, China is the only country that will be able to stop them as they will not spend billions in court protecting each piece of crap. I used to be afraid of China and maybe I still am for myself, but I am looking beyond my life time. This has been confirmed by someone who really knows the world situation. We need to pull our heads out of the sand.

  3. While Canadians (and Americans) die in Afghanistan, politicians and "activists" on Al-Qaeda's payroll continue to promote the insane failed policies of mass immigration to our shores. Mass immigration remains Radical Islam's primary weapon for infiltrating Western nations until they have a critical mass of supporters. Why is this rarely discussed except on specialized websites like jihadwatch.org? Why are rich Saudi front organizations like CAIR allowed to operate with impugnity, buying off politicians, judges, journalists and academics? Could your Member or Parliament be among them? Shouldn't you find out?
    If Islam even becomes the majority religion in Canada, non-Muslims can expect a life of active persecution, both official and unofficial as exists in every majority-Muslim nation. This is the fate you want for future generations? If not, you might want to spread the word about this and copy this text and send to as many friends and relatives as you can.

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