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Taliban behind election-related kidnappings

Insurgents promise more violence before campaign is over


Taliban members in Afghanistan have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of 30 people involved in the country’s election campaign, including campaign workers, election officials and even a candidate. Afghan officials have confirmed the kidnapping reports, but sought to assure voters on Friday that “they will be secure.” A local Taliban commander in Badghis says his troops plan to put the eight election officials and 10 campaigners that were kidnapped in the province on trial for their “crimes” before a Taliban court. Insurgents have repeatedly threatened to disrupt the local elections, prompting authorities to ban cars from populated areas beginning Friday and until after the polls close on Saturday. Four candidates and 20 of their supporters have reportedly been killed since the campaign began earlier this summer.

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Taliban behind election-related kidnappings

  1. The truth is that the Afghan elections have been an entirely Western stage-managed affair from beginning to end. Karzai himself was picked by America and it is the West that has insisted on elections. Yet Karzai is a man who has no political constituency in Afghan society apart from that which he can establish through corruption and patronage. The power of the Afghan government is a polite fiction maintained for the benefit of Western viewers, with the writ of the government hardly extending outside Kabul. Moreover, the reality of Afghan society is such that a liberal democratic election is fairly meaningless,
    Remember this is a run off election because of the massive fraud and ballot stuffing last year. Cosmetic democracies imposed at the end of a gun are unlikely to take root.
    The Afghan population realizes that this attempted occupation is driven by natural resources that the West covet.
    This is a farce on many levels. Bring our troops home now.