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Taliban network reaches South Korea

Agents working for the Islamist group have been arrested weeks before Seoul G20


The Taliban’s network may be more far-reaching than first imagined. According to Korean intelligence officials, members of the Taliban were recently caught in Korea and more are believed to be working there in secret. This discovery has sparked security concerns less than three weeks before the G20 summit in Seoul. The Taliban members were caught seeking to export strategic weapons to Palestine, taking advantage of South Korea’s lax controls on strategic arms exports. Seoul authorities, working with Interpol, confiscated a ship carrying weapons right after it entered Palestine. One anonymous official said, “We believe more Taliban agents are in the country and are trying to track them down before the G20 summit.”

Korea Herald

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Taliban network reaches South Korea

  1. What makes many of Muhammad's followers so irrationally violent? Is it because of him, the religion, or just the followers? Is there hope left for this religion to evolve peacefully?

    • Islam has embedded hate against everything that's non-islamic.
      One of fundamntal elements of Islam is submission to religion and and conquer world. this is probably the only religion that did not evolve during last 500 years. Every religion did change under presure of changing world but not Islam.
      Islamists still have the same mentality as they had 500 years ago.
      They hate western world no matter whet we do or say.

  2. I hope that South Korean authorities extract as much information as they can from the Taliban spies and use it to help the world's democracies fight Radical Islamists everywhere. Why are we Canadians sitting back and letting the Taliban increase their infiltration of Canada every year through mass immigration? You might want to call your MP and let them know they you will definitely not vote for them at the next election unless their first order of business is to stop immigration immediately. Any other issue is secondary. Saving our children and grandchildren from a life under the heel of the Taliban scum is what counts.