Taliban upset at coverage of Malala Yousafzai murder attempt


The adage about not shooting the messenger has taken on a whole new meaning in Pakistan, as Taliban insurgents threaten attacks against media outlets that have shown unfavourable coverage after their attempt to kill 14-year-old schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai.

The International News writes: “According to sources, the Taliban felt that the media has become biased against them and was giving ‘undue’ coverage to the attack on Malala and portraying them as the ‘worst people on earth.'”

The paper goes on to report that a Taliban source tells it 12 suicide bombers have been dispatched to target media outlets, particularly foreign outlets, and militants are also going to target journalists who speak out against the Taliban’s actions.

Both Pakistani and international media are taking added precautions as a result of the threats, reports BBC News.

Amid these threats, The New York Times reports that the Taliban is also launching a campaign to attempt to tarnish Yousafzai’s reputation. On Tuesday, Talbian spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan called the girl “a spy who divulged secrets” and “created propaganda,” the New York Times reports. The spokesperson also said the girl had just turned 15, which made her a woman, rather than a girl.

A graphic being shared on Pakistani Facebook pages also condemns Yousafzai for saying she liked U.S. President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Yousafzai has been moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where she continues to recover from a gun shot wound to the head.

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Taliban upset at coverage of Malala Yousafzai murder attempt

  1. Sounds like the Taliban has been watching too much of Achmed the Dead Terrorist…”I KILL YOU!”

  2. The taliban are doing a great job preserving their image as benevolent freedom fighters. They are totally not ‘the worst people in the world’.

    • Bullshit – they are Satan on Earth

      • that’s putting it lightly

        • And again we have to make them into comic book versions of villains instead of dealing with reality.

          They are religious fanatics…..all religions have them, and have had them for centuries

    • of course they are not the worst people in the world, most of the governments in those underdeveloped countries are but they are the most ignorant, stupid, barbaric, subhumains left on this earch and they fight to keep it that way, not enough intelligence to see that the rest of the world has evolved.

  3. Why would the media publish the name of the hospital that this poor child is being cared at???? You have just endangered her life even more.

    • Don’t be dumb. If the Taliban wanted to find out where she was, they wouldn’t be looking in Maclean’s, they do have spies and sympathizers in the U.K., and it’s not like this information hasn’t already been released.

      Moreover, she is under police guard and whether or not they know where she is shouldn’t really make a difference. The British police have already arrested several suspicious people in that hospital.

  4. Awwwww Muffin, are you feeling threatened because the world thinks your monsters for attacking a little girl who deserved to die because she had the temerity to want an education? I feel for you in the taliban, really I do.


  5. im glad to hear shes safe… but shouldnt they NOT be announcing her location to the world? especially since those whackjobs are still gunning for her?

    • I know,

  6. Hilarious. The Taliban are complaining like Republicans and their Conservative cousins to the north about biased media coverage. If they’re really interested in getting better press, maybe they’d benefit from not sending out suicide bombers to attack media outlets. And they should probably stop shooting children in the head.

    • please don’t compare these using the word lightly people with anything Canadian.
      thanks…as for media bias, just follow the CBC for more than two minutes.

  7. What can one expect from a movement started by a Arabian bandit and conman to expand his career. He died as history’s most accomplished professional criminal and his legacy is fourteen centuries of global crime wave.

    • Who would that be?

      • Mohammed!!!

          • Mohammed was an illiterate, 7th Century Bedouin version of a low-end truck driver, who married his boss and them a NINE YEAR OLD, then concocted a mish-mash of Jewish and Christian scripture, with a few kinks thrown in. The Qur’an and Hadith repeatedly admonish Muslims to shun non-believers, and even kill them.

          • You haven’t a clue about Islam, Muhammad or the Qur’an….so don’t be spreading ignorance about them on here.

            In fact, pull yourself together and stop being racist.

          • Islam is NOT a race!!!! Furthermore, it’s not a real “religion” but a political CULT that is every bit as ultra-totalitarian as Nazism and Communism ever were and are!! Religion is but a thin patina upon what is the most repressive, brutally-controlling, anti-educational system that has ever existed, worshipping a most remarkably IMPOTENT god that needs people to do what he wants – and really adulating a pædophile (child-molester – one of his “wives”, Aisha, was 6 when he ‘married’ her and only 9 when he consummated it!!), rapist, thief, liar (such that even his best friends couldn’t trust him!!), murderer and genocide!!! And THIS CHARACTER Mohammed is supposed to be the “ideal man”???

            Do you know how much Islam hates women, animals and “infidels”?? If you’re a real woman, you’d better start finding out how under Islam you’ll be treated like a “domestic animal” whose sole purpose is to breed MALE children…

            Generations of my ancestors suffered under Islam – if you get talking to decent (non-Moslem, non-Nazi and non-Communist) Hungarians, Serbs, Croats, Greeks, Armenians, Slovenians, Slavic-Macedonians, Bulgarians, Romanians, even Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and/or Austrians, THEN ask them about how they feel about Islam and the Ottoman Turks – who in the name of that CULT perpetrated such atrocities for several centuries as to ensure neither the Turks nor Moslems generally will EVER be truly forgiven or forgotten!!!

            Furthermore, since I’m not sure that who you really are as of yet, I’ll most STRONGLY recommend that you go to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com (The Religion of Peace website): it is chock-full on information about Islam, calling upon no less than three authoritative translations of the Qu’rân as well as good translations of the Hadith. Please: STUDY those sources at the University of Southern California’s “Centre for Muslim-Jewish Engagement”. Hopefully your blinders will be lifted off you then…

          • No, it’s not a race….but we don’t have any word in English for hating a culture and religion.[on the basis of nothing]…so ‘racism’ will have to do.

            Islam is recognized as one of the 3 major religions on the planet. 1.3 billion people or so. Just as real as Christianity.

            I find it hilarious that YOUR religion, which depends on a young girl having a virgin birth [snicker] and producing a son who in his 30s is running around the countryside with 12 other guys and no wife.[hmmm]….raising people from the dead [snort] turning water into wine [cough] defying the entire Roman empire [wheeze] and finally being crucified and rising from the dead himself…..whahahahahahaha…..has the nerve to sneer at any other religion!

            Christianity has been anti-women for 2000 years, and since Islam also follows the Old Testament….they both believe the same things. The only difference is that they believe Jesus and Muhammed were both prophets….YOU are the one who thinks Jesus was a god. Which gives you….um….3 gods

            Christianity hates women….and generations of my family have suffered under it. Yours too actually.

            And no, I have no interest in blatherskyte about Islam.

            If YOU did, you’d read the actual Koran, a proper official translation, not something by Rush Limbaugh…..oh, and the Old Testament as well. ‘God’ is a genocidal maniac.

            Your url has nothing to do with the Univ of S California…it’s another crackpot site….just like the places you are getting your ‘information’ from.

            You are saying all the things about Muslims that an earlier generation said about Jews…..and we all know how that ended.

            Haters gotta hate….don’t be one of the ignorant throng that does.

          • It’s all too obvious that you haven’t really read what I wrote either about my ancestral peoples suffering under Islam OR really exploring the Website I recommended to you. Your mind is made up exactly like that of a typical bigot, and you obviously are a hard-core atheist, likely a Marxist if not a downright Communist, and definitely contemptuous towards anything and anybody who disagrees with you!!! With your attitude, you could easily have been an outstanding Communist apparatchitsa (female of ‘apparatchik’)!!

            [Know now that both my parents and both maternal grandparents fled from Communism – the latter actually fought it in the Russian Civil War of 1917-20 and ended up in the end fleeing it not once but TWICE!!!]

            If Christianity has been anti-women for 2,000 years, how come did
            it win over the WOMEN from paganism in its first 4 centuries of
            existence?? [By that it valued women FAR more than the ancient Græco-Roman pantheon actually did in marriage and the things women traditionally have valued more!!] How did it end up prevailing over murderous Roman emperors like Nero, Domitian, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian and many others??? Have you thought of comparing its conditions for women relative to what Islam does with them??

            Furthermore, I have actually read substantial parts of the Qu’rân
            and to boot in really-authoritative translations (via the very
            Website you so casually dismissed!!!) by Shakir, Yusuf-‘Ali and
            Pickthal. [To boot, I’m quite reasonably well-informed in both Biblical Testaments.]

            You also think that science has ALL the solutions?? Do you actually realise that it’s limited by what we human beings call our five senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting)? Why should we exclude what can be out there just because we think we’re the be-all and the end-all? Have you thought of how actually arrogant your attitude as such happens to be??

            Finally, ANY and ALL “political correctness” is EVIL – and that’s precisely the thing Moslems, Communists, Nazis and Fascists loved and LOVE!!!

          • I learned about Chrisitianity and Islam before you were born buddy, so stop with the nonsense.

            And kindly don’t confuse what Jesus said….do unto others, love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek….with the crackpot ‘christians’ of today who hate women, and try to legislate against them. That’s Paul, not Jesus that they’re followin.

            No you haven’t read the Koran….just crackpot internet versions

            No science doesn’t have all the solutions….nor did anyone say it does….it just doesn’t make up fairy tales to explain things

            Arrogant eh? Well you, a conceited westerner, are quite convinced you’re superior to Muslims….people who invented much of what you have. I’d call THAT bloody arrogant.

            And kindly stop confusing religion with economic systems and governance systems…..they are not the same.

            Oh….and ‘political correctness’ simply means being polite to, and respectful of, other people

          • YEAH?!??

            When were you born, Commie or Moslem stool-pigeon?? [If the latter, that would explain your arrogance and smug feeling of superiority over everybody else…]

            Also, who are you to question what I’ve read or what I believe in?? You’re not any better or worse as a human being than I, so YOU STOP behaving like a conceited ignoramus who has all the solutions!!!

            Furthermore, the Moslems are claiming what in fact was NONE OF THEIRS – it’s from Hindus, Christians, Græco-Roman pagans (e.g., Pythagoras) and everybody else!!!

            As to “political correctness”, so you approve of censorship of the media so as to pacify those who complain merely because their emotions are hurt, even if they are hurt by the truth??

            Have you read “The GULag Archipelago”?? Or “1984”?? “The First Circle”??

            No less, do you care for art, music, medicine or the other sciences?? Or would you be OK if they were all banned?? [Islam forbids or at least severely discourages all of those things – examples being the Talibs of Afghanistan/Pakistan as well as “Boko Haram” (translates as “Western-education is forbidden”) of Nigeria.]

            And yes, I AM a PROUD Westerner – we have nothing to be more ashamed about than anybody else!!!! Furthermore, it’s we Westerners who developed both Græco-Roman, then Romanesque, then Gothic, then Renaissance and Baroque architecture; we developed the sciences after taking things from the Hindus, the Ancient Greeks and Imperial Romans starting even in the Middle Ages; it’s us Westerners who developed classical music (no other civilisation has anything to offer in comparison with the likes of a Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Shostakóvich, Chaykóvskiy, Franck, Debussy, Elgar or so many, many others!!!!). What has been the thing to put deadly diseases like polio, diphtheria, smallpox, tuberculosis and others on the ropes? Western medicine. Need I go on???….

          • Oh do stop making an ass of yourself….you are talking utter rubbish.

            You are trying to hide your hood under the guise of an intellectual discussion….except of course, you have no intellect to do it with.

          • If anybody is making an ass of him/herself, it’s YOU!!!! I have not said anything illogical, whereas you’re all to glad to insult me when you can’t answer me back logically! Such “ad hominem” arguments promptly betray who truly is the loser – in this case, it’s you!

            Also, what do you mean by “hood”? A hood is an object (eg., car-hood, parka), something that’s not a mental state or fact.

          • Sorry…the dry cleaners called ….your hood and your robe are ready.

          • Total ‘non-sequitur’… :-)

          • S’okay….yer a total bigot.

          • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Pot calling the kettle black… :-)

          • ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

          • One question for you to ponder: which – if any – Muslim country gives as many rights to its citizens of all religions and races as any country in the West?

          • Perhaps you could ponder our own history. Having ‘rights’ is a recent idea in the western world. The first mention of it was 1215 and it applied only to nobles….it has taken many centuries and a lot of fighting to extend rights to others, and many countries still don’t have a list of them.

            Our own country is still arguing about equal rights for everyone, even though we have a charter guaranteeing that.

            And yet many other countries and cultures had laws and rights long before we did.

            It all changes over time. We could lose ours, others could gain theirs.

          • Forget all that “moral relativism”, please!! Trying to change the subject is NO defense – instead, it’s simply a leftist tactic meant to try to silence the rest of us and I REFUSE to fall for it!!

            Furthermore, I’m all too aware of how Moslems have waged war against EVERYBODY ELSE they could attack when the others wouldn’t submit to them ever since AD599!!

          • Comparing time lines in history isn’t ‘moral relativism’ ……whatever that is supposed to be. It’s simply global history.

            I’m not a leftist and never have been, so stuff the Cold War crap…..and I have no interest in your bizarre version of history….you are simply ignorant.

          • If you’re not a “leftist” (of which I’m unconvinced), you likely are a Moslem!!

          • Flash….I don’t need your ‘approval’ for anything. Shut it.

            I am an Independent….centrist, pragmatic…and atheist.

          • Given how much the “centre-line” has been shifted FAR to the left over the course of 50 years by the crypto-Communists and their “useful idiots”, no wonder that you can claim to be “centrist” when by the standards of – say – the 1950s, you would be plainly seen as the leftist you come across as being!

            Not for nothing that my late grandfather in 1968 correctly saw Trudeau as a Communist!

          • There is no ‘left’ and ‘right’ anymore….that’s Cold War terminology….long since gone.

            There are no more ‘communists’ and ‘capitalists….that’s also long since gone.

            It isn’t the 1950s dude….that was over HALF A CENTURY AGO

            Today being a centrist means being practical….and dealing with the world as it actually exists.

            So stop with the ‘old people talk’

          • Pragmatism can only function relative to SOME idea about your basic view-point. Without a real idea of what and who you are, you’ll fall victim to anything that comes your way.

            Furthermore, there still are PLENTY of people who wish, either overtly or covertly, the USSR had triumphed over the West. Since their champion failed, they decided to ally themselves with the Moslem world – and the Moslems have gladly accepted them. EACH camp looks forward to disposing of the other once the mutual enemy has been destroyed, but for now they’re quite happy to collaborate against our Western civilisation!!

          • Practical people have been practical since day one. They don’t need any ideology to adhere to.

            Nobody cares about the USSR or the west….or your nonsensical version of the Muslim world…..and there is no ‘western civilization’ to worry about.

            Don’t make shit up.

          • Your obvious contempt against me, painful as it is to bear at times, is the LEAST of your problems. Whether it be Moslem-based or Communist-based (BOTH of which are VILE) in the end boil down to the same love of TOTALITARIANISM that has conquered your shallow heart…

            NOTHING in the whole wide world is more pathetic, harmful or EVIL than those who WILFULLY CHOOSE to remain blind!!!

            Without Western civilisation – in spite of its foibles – many, many things we take for granted would NEVER, EVER EXIST!!! You need to learn to give credit and respect where it truly is due.

          • Focus

            The Cold War is over. Move on.

            There are 1.5 billion Muslims….and they are no different than Christians…..most of them moderate, a few of them flaky fundies. Such is life. You don’t judge Christianity by the few crazy violent ones…so don’t do it with Muslims

            Until about 1500 CE China had the biggest GDP in the world….then they hit a couple of bad emperors and went downhill for awhile….now they’re back, and you’re scared shitless.

            Credit and respect….certainly. Practically everything you use everyday….low or high tech came from the ME, India and China. So don’t get to thinking you are doing anything other than building on what came before.

            There is no special genius amongst white people. We are all the same species, have the same DNA, and all came out of Africa. So don’t give yourself airs.

          • Those who don’t accept to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them! Furthermore there are LOTS of Communists for whom the war to destroy our civilisation has NEVER ended – and it isn’t merely the “Cold War” period. Right after World War I – even in the midst of it for Russia in 1917 – Commies made concerted and near-successful efforts in Hungary, Germany and other places in 1918. They were even preaching their theories and practising terrorism (notably in Russia) even before 1880!!

            As to us having the same DNA, then you’ve got to look more closely at Western society and civilisation – how else would a Kopernik, Mozart, Einstein be raised into writing the immortal stuff they did??? It’s not merely a question of DNA… [And I’m NOT scared of China – or Russia – even a quarter as much as of Islam!!!]

          • In order to learn from history, you have to be familiar with it…..and you apparently don’t know the first thing about it. You just want someone to hate.

            That’s how we got to the Holocaust you know….by picking on someone to hate….only now it’s Muslims instead of Jews.

            No one is trying to wipe out our ‘civilization’….we don’t actually have one…..and yes, all humans have the same DNA…..you are simply unaware of brilliant people in other cultures.

            You are talking about a Pole, and Austrian and a German here…..you need to learn about the Chinese, the Indian and the Muslims.

            Advanced, intelligent….and long before the ‘west’ existed.

          • I don’t need or WANT your approval either: your attitude stinks to highest Heaven!!! It’s outright libel what you’re saying of me!!!

            Moslems have EARNED their hateful reputation over a full 1,400 years, raping, murdering, cheating and committing genocide on my ancestors among MANY others!!! My late parents told me PLENTY against Islam as well as Communism from the time I was born, and I subsequently verified it on my own… [Also, my paternal grandparents and their relatives fought Imperial Germany in World War I; my maternal grandparents did the same, and then were in the White Army fighting the Bóljshjeviks – and finally had to flee Communism not once but TWICE!! For you to say I’m ignorant of history is the summit of BLASPHEMY!!!!]

            The two “religions” that have killed the most people EVER are Islam (275,000,000 over 1,400 years) and atheistic-totalitarianism (160,000,000 over 95 years ever since Ljéñin took over Russia on 1917/11/07 {1917/10/25 Old Style})!!!

            I would welcome NEVER dealing with an obvious MARXIST you again as long as you keep this attitude of total contempt for anybody who really disagrees with you – from your writing, it most strongly seems that you would truly be a PERFECT Communist, Nazi, Moslem or Fascist guard and/or murderer!!!

            Farewell (from a Serb and Russian)…and DEATH TO ALL TOTALITARIANISM!!!!!

          • I never give ignorance…deliberate wilful ignorance …ANY kind of approval. Neither does anyone else.

            You have no concept of history whatever, and are just carrying on stupid family grudges ….probably about sheep originally. LOL

            Atheism isn’t a religion, and has never started any wars….and you can’t be a communist/nazi/muslim/fascist all at once….that just shows me you don’t know what any of those words mean.

            PS…Serbs and Russians are not part of the ‘west’ so stop laying claim to it.

          • LIAR!!!!

            By being ANY of Communist, Fascist, Nazi or Moslem, you’re AUTOMATICALLY a TOTALITARIAN, as that’s what they share in common!!!

            As to your postscript, even the notorious atheists Will and Ariel Durant treat Serbia and Russia very much as part of Western civilisation!!!

            God punish you!!! YOU ARE EVIL!!!!

          • There is no god, dude.

            Grow up.

  8. The Taliban ARE the worst people on earth!! Media is simply telling the truth.

    • Actually, the proper statement is that the Taliban + their Al-Qaeda and other Salafi/Wahhabbi brethren ARE the worst of the worst people on earth – because devout Moslems who truly follow their “prophet and ideal man” Mohammed are THE WORST people indeed on the whole wide earth (together with the Communists and the Nazis – the latter of whom were allied with the Moslems in World War II!!)!!!!

  9. It’s time to reassess Islamic immigration to Canada. With attitudes like this, we need to admit that Islam–particularly the Salafist sect that’s become predominant–is 180 degrees out of sync with our values. Canada is already awash in Islamist Fifth Columnists who sympathize with the Taliban: Aly Hindy, Mohammed Elmasry, Sheema Khan, Haroon Sidiqqui, Syed Soharwardy, every Salafist Imam in the country–the Federal government should look at stripping the Canadian citizenships from such people, and deporting them to their countries of origin.

  10. Poor Taliban. It must be a the vast right wing conspiracy and/or liberal biased media that makes them look like deranged homicidal madmen. It certainly isn’t because they ARE deranged homicidal madmen, no siree bob! :P

    Suicide bombing unflattering media outlets is also a sure fire way to win the propaganda war. The motto of the Taliban should be, “Murder is always a good idea!” ;)