Tamil Tiger fundraiser jailed for six months

Man plead guilty to raising money in Canada to help support the Tamil rebels


A Vancouver judge has sentenced Prapaharan Thambithurai to six months in jail for financially supporting the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Thambithurai plead guilty before the British Columbia Supreme Court earlier this week of “providing financial services, knowing that they will benefit a terrorist group, namely the (LTTE).” Thambithurai, who has been out on bail since his arrest in 2008, is the first person to be charged under new Canadian legislation against financing foreign terrorist organizations.

Agence France-Press

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Tamil Tiger fundraiser jailed for six months

  1. Gotta luv PET open door immigration policies.Liberal the gift that keeps on givin .

  2. This individual is given a six month sentence for Financing a terrorist group?? I am sure glad the Judge sent out such a strong message to other would be Terrorist group supporters that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated in Canada!! Well done Your Honour…..

  3. This is not a new practice, I met a man once from Sri Lanka that was doing exactly the same thing. He was working a second job and sending all the money from it to his "family" back home. That was the first time I heard of the Tamil Tigers. That was three years ago.

    • Only in Canada you say??

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