Target apologizes for ‘manatee gray’ description of plus-sized women’s dress


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Target is doing some damage control after it described the colour on one of it’s plus-sized women’s dresses as “manatee gray.” Maybe this wouldn’t be much of a problem, except for the fact that the same dress in regular sizes was described as “dark heather gray” on the Target website.

The discrepancy — describing one dress in terms of a delicate flower and another in terms of a sea creature that survives on its massive fat reserves — was pointed out by writer and designer Susan Clemens on Twitter.

Target’s communications team responded to the tweet quickly.

And then it began responding to many media inquiries about the misstep.

No offence was meant and the manatee-gray colour is used across the store, Target spokesperson Jessica Deede told Fox News. “Manatee gray is actually a seasonal color that is used across product categories on Target.com, from apparel items to home items. This was an unintentional oversight,” she said. “We will take this opportunity to learn.”

The misstep seemed to occur when two different teams of buyers were working on the product lines. One was responsible for the plus-sizes and another for the “missy” line. One team used the official name and one didn’t, a spokesperson told Forbes.com.

No off-colour jokes were intended.

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Target apologizes for ‘manatee gray’ description of plus-sized women’s dress

  1. The colour looks more like beluga grey to me.

    • great sense of humor !

  2. It’s hard to tell what colour a manatee is, what with all the algae, barnacles, and other flora and fauna growing on their backs. A silly name for a colour, really.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • perhaps, bob, you should learn to keep your rude thoughts to yourself. some people are plus sizes because they are immobile or too poor to pay $10 for a salad

      • Don’t get me wrong I’m a big ( no pun intended) plus size girl fan. I love them hell I prefer them. I’m also a firm believer in Temet Nosce .. know thyself.

  4. its an ugly dress anyway. perhaps it was meant for invalids

  5. Manatee sounds great name for a shade of grey, classy even. Beats “whale” or “elephant” or even rhino.

  6. If the colour fits …..

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