Target to open Toronto store next week


Peek-a-boo! Target, the American retailer set to open its doors in Canada next year, will open a temporary store in Toronto on Feb. 23, according to a report in the Financial Post. But you might miss it if you blink: the store, featuring a limited collection of items by Jason Wu, will be open for just six hours and shoppers will only be allowed to buy three items apiece.

It is the first time Canadians will see the red and white Target logo on this side of the border. Last year, Target bought Zellers’ 220 leases from Hudson’s Bay Co for $1.8 billion. Starting March 2013, between 100 and 150 Zellers stores will become fully renovated and re-branded Target locations across Canada. Meanwhile, Target fans will have to continue crossing the border for deals—or scout the location of the next “pop-up” Target store.


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Target to open Toronto store next week

  1. Don’t do it! Please nobody show up for this!

    •  Why not? I don’t get it. Do you refuse to shop at any store that is headquartered in the US?

  2. oh please enough of this reflexive antiamericanism – I LOVE TARGET
    you should see the number of Canadian based businesses in the US – eg TD Bank

  3. Are there any large canadian discount stores anymore? I don’t think so as zellars has not been Canadian for years woolco is long gone so we really have no choice

    • Canadian Tire is still around…I assume it’s still Canadian owned…at least the name says so…but their inventory is limited.

  4. I did go into a Target store in Boston.  I was not blown away by the experience, prices were not any different to Canada.  What was different at the time was the USD, when the exchange was taken into account it would have been expensive to shop there.  I’ll probably give them a pass when they come to Canada too.

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