Taste of Jack Layton


NDP leader Jack Layton had a popular and busy booth at the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto. The festival takes place in the city’s Greek Town, which is in Layton’s riding.







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Taste of Jack Layton

  1. Jack looks like hes gained about 40 pounds

    • It's from all the delicious souvlaki.

    • If you look closely between the buttons, you can see the resolutions stuffed under his shirt that didn't make it to the floor on Sunday.

      I still think my motion to renaming it the NewD Party was worth a vote, but apparently he's supressing it.

      • I think if they adopt your name, Jack should lay off the souvlaki.

  2. Why is he always wearing the Tory blue shirt – he wore it at the NDP Convention…..hmmm….

    • Is that a new coalition on the horizon?

    • Not too many people can wear orange and look good in it (like I do)……