Tax agency employee assaulted

Victim had been assigned to clean up agency’s Montreal offices in wake of tax fraud allegations


According to a Radio-Canada report, a Canada Revenue Agency employee was assaulted Friday night outside a Montreal restaurant where employees were having a Christmas party. The male victim works in the agency’s investigations department, where he was assigned by the government in a bid to clean up the Montreal office after it was rattled by by allegations some employees were involved in a tax fraud ring involving Quebec construction companies. Earlier on Friday, Radio-Canada revealed that nine current and former employees at the Montreal offices of the CRA are currently under investigation for tax evasion, and that six of those employees have been fired in the past year and a half.


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Tax agency employee assaulted

  1. What's this? How can this be? There is no corruption in Quebec.

  2. Ahhh… Balance. We have Liberal Party supporters threatened as cibles as long as no inquiry is called. Now we have violence against someone actually trying to do something about the corruption.

  3. Quite Taxing indeed…..

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