Tax the super-rich, says NDP’s leadership hopeful

Brian Topp sees winning card in tax hikes for the wealthy


The perceived frontrunner in the NDP leadership race, Brian Topp, is promising to open the door to a conversation many politicians have shied away from in recent years: hiking up taxes for the rich. Speaking with the Canadian Press, Topp said he wants to discuss raising the income tax levels of Canada’s wealthiest people. “I think it’s time for our party to step up to that plate and to be pretty clear about that because then we’ll have a mandate to act if we’re elected,” Topp said. A future hike in the sales tax and the corporate tax rate would also be an option once the economy is more stable, he added. As the Globe and Mail notes, since the Reform movement emerged from Western Canada in the early 1990s and became the backbone of today’s Conservative party, talk of tax hikes—whether only for the rich or otherwise–has become taboo in the nation’s public debate. It remains to be seen whether other contenders for the NDP’s top job will follow Topp’s lead.

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Tax the super-rich, says NDP’s leadership hopeful

  1. They need to leagalze pot and take the hst off of take out and restaraunt meals we can use the tax revenue from pot as well as taxing the super rich

  2. Just like the states there seems to be a mentality, that the rich rightly deserve to pay low taxes.
    So what if they were made to pay 2% more? It’s affordable.Latest reports show that the middle class in Canada are about 15 years behind in real earning. Its amazing also how corporations can forcast a certian profit for a certian year. Later find that their forcast is down… lets say 10% for that fiscal year. In the greater picture they still showed a profit. We need a hardcore  “Financial Spring” uprising.

  3. Here’s the question that needs asking: Why does he want to raise taxes? What does he want to spend it on?

    A large portion of society (read: Conservatives) think it’s possible to both lower taxes and increase spending. All we have to do is look south to see how well that works. But before I support anyone who wants to raise my taxes, I want them to explain clearly what the need is, and what measures they plan to take to (a) rationalize services so the increased tax bite is minimal and (b) what extra services/infrastructure we can expect to see for that extra money. They can’t just take it to stand pat.

    There are only so many ultra-rich, and only so much they will be willing to pay before they pull up stakes and move to a more tax-friendly locale. Ditto corporations. And they won’t stay in office long if they hit the rest of us with any substantial sales tax increases, unless we see a sudden surge in personal income (over and above inflation) across the board.

    So I’ll be very interested in hearing from Topp exactly how he plans to use the extra cash he wants to grab.

  4. If there is nothing constitutionally wrong with a minimum wage (tax the employer), there is nothing wrong with maximum wage: tax the fat salary earner.

    Nobody deserves more than $99,000/year. Nobody needs more than $99,000 year. That includes NDP mp’s.

    Don’t tax the super-rich. Cut off needlessly high salaries at the source.

    • WOW!  Okay…is that $99,000/yr enough for a family?  So if I am the sole income earner for a family with 8 children, some of whom have disabilities….is that enough money to pay my student loans (let’s say I went to University and became a pediatric cardiologist) and buy a home for my large family and a vehicle to haul them all around plus of course all of the other expenses?

    • Then what is the incentive to work hard? Anyone willing to put in 12 and 14 hour days is entitled to make more than a government union worker.

    • I totally agree with the concept, but as always its the details.  $99,000/year is nowhere near enough for those who got a Ph.D in anything, nor is it enough for say, a tradesman who travels to remote areas for weeks at a time or something.  I’m completely with you at $500,000 for an employee’s remuneration, however.  That doesn’t mean an entrepreneur who sacrificed for years and years to grow a business that finally pays off for him, but I can’t justify an employee getting that kind of money.

      And even the entrepreneur can pay a higher portion of tax now that he’s made it.  He was, after all, paying less in the lean years.

  5. Taxing the super-rich is just a safe bit of radical-bling for Topp to wear, and leaves over-salaried NDP MP’s like himself unscathed.

    Cap all salaries at $99,000/year, and mean it, and voters will start listening.

    In fact, you’d see the Conservatives, and what remains of the Liberals, out a job so fast it would make their heads spin.

    Edit: Granted, the NDP’s talent for botching the planning and execution of anything that makes even half-way sense is a logistical bottleneck that could prove impassable.

    • I hate to burst your bubble but if a candidate for the leadership of the NDP ever ran on the platform of a salary cap of $90,0000./yr for all Canadians, they would not have a prayer of being elected by their own members.  Many union members make base salaries of close to $90,000.00 and then work overtime to make over $100K per year.  They would NEVER support a salary cap like you are suggesting.

  6. Don’t these people realize that by raising the tax on the rich and corporations, they will ultimately raise the price of goods and services? Companies don’t just say “oh well” and accept a lower bottom line due to increased taxation. They will balance it by either raising their prices, or by making employment cuts. But don’t expect the entitlement crowd to actually think something through. Reminds me of all of the middle class white kids doing the “occupy” nonsense.

    • Taxing the personal income of the super-rich is not the same as raising corporate tax rates. Higher corporate tax rates do equal higher prices and less jobs. Taxing the personal income of millionaires is different.

  7. Somehow I don’t think all his government union employees are going to like paying more taxes.

  8. Gee
    Thats pretty easy/stupid/un-creative.

    How about taxing all foods that have zero nutritional value, make bike ridders buy a frigging licence that mounts on the bike as well as packing some decent liability insurance.
    Tax all day traders at $100.00 per trade.
    Raise cigarettes to $50.00 per pack.
    Legalize pot and tax it big time.
    Tax all stabbing/killing knives at 300 hundred dollars per inch.
    Tax hand gun ammo and their makings at 100 dollars a casing
    Hows that for creative plow boy?

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