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‘Teacher Wang’ behind earthquake hysteria in Taiwan

‘Prophet’ accused of profiteering


A popular blogger who hides his identity from the media has sent many Taiwanese into a frenzy after predicting that a magnitude-14 earthquake will strike the island on May 11. “Teacher Wang” has suggested that people will only survive the resultant 170-metre high tsunami if they hide out in cargo containers in the mountains. More than 100 of the containers have been bought and outfitted with doors, windows and air conditioning in preparation for the disaster. They’re on sale for $5,600, courting accusations of profiteering by the mystery ‘prophet.’ Earthquake fears are running high in Taiwan, which suffered a magnitude-7.4 quake in 1999, killing 2,400 people.

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‘Teacher Wang’ behind earthquake hysteria in Taiwan

  1. Please. The exaggeration that there’s hysteria is embarrassing for all of us actually in Taiwan. There’s no hysteria. There’s a couple weirdos with everyone else making jokes about them. Im presently sitting in the company of over a dozens a taiwanese and the subject was brought up and forgotten within 60 seconds.

  2. I agree with the comment below. Only a small percentage of the population actually buys it. The rest of us sees it as a joke.