Teacher who showed Magnotta killing video could be charged


A Quebec teacher who showed her students a disturbing video believed to be the killing of student Lin Jun by Luka Rocca Magnotta could face criminal charges.

The Montreal Gazette reports that the teacher, whose name has not been made public but worked at the École secondaire Cavelier-De LaSalle in La Salle, Quebec, could be charged for “offences tending to corrupt morals” under the Criminal Code. He is currently suspended for having played the video in his history and citizenship education class on Jun. 4.

Magnotta, 29, is the principal suspect in Jun’s killing and dismembering. Police believe the crime was videotaped. Magnotta was arrested in Berlin earlier this month and is awaiting extradition to Canada.

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Teacher who showed Magnotta killing video could be charged

  1. “A Quebec teacher who showed her students…”
    “He is currently suspended…”
    So what is it, he or she? Great editting….

  2. Work on getting your he or she’s correct. It should read showed his students.

  3. “HER students” “HE is currently suspended” Well done Macleans!

  4. It’s a typo. Depending on which program they used it could have been an auto correct. People make mistakes who cares? I am more concerned as to why the teacher showed that video to secondary school children and I’m not even a parent.

  5. wow, magnotta is really bringing out the worse in some people.
    i hope those kids will get the counseling they will need after seeing a video
    that even seasoned police officers found horrific.
    and the teacher was suspended WITH PAY.
    the teacher should be fired.

  6. Should absolutely be charged. That would be traumatizing to many, especially kids. There’s simply nothing educational about it. Seriously, he should be charged with child abuse. I just *read* about the video and I was traumatized for days.

  7. Lemme see: the teacher is said to have shown the video to “her” students, and secondly that “He” is currently suspended . . . . . Is there a proof reader and/or editor nearby?

  8. Those students were nuts. I don’t know how any of them could’ve watched that video. I tried to watch the hammer video and shut it off before anything happened. When I tried to find this video – I saw a pic of the victim ‘during’ the act, which freaked me out. I felt like less of a ‘man’ because grade 10 students could watch and I couldn’t. Now I feel more like a human being because I couldn’t get to 0:01 of it.

    In the end, good charge the crazy teacher and the students. I’m glad one of the 3 who didn’t want to watch it – ratted him out for it. Shock videos are best for those who go looking for them and want to see them. Not something in an authoritive position should be showing for class. Print the text of the story hand that out, not a woohoo video time scenerio.

    • Not something someone in an authoritive position*

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