Tehran charges 3 Americans with espionage

Hikers says they mistakenly crossed into Iran from Iraq


U.S. citizens Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fatallal, all of whom have been in an Iranian jail since July, have been formerly charged with spying on the Islamic state. The University of California graduates say they were arrested after accidentally crossing into Iran while hiking in northern Iraq. It’s been sugggested the charges are an attempt to pressure the U.S. government during negotiations over Iran¹s nuclear program, but U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken a firm stance, calling for their immediate release and saying “there is no evidence to support any charge whatsoever.”

CBC News

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Tehran charges 3 Americans with espionage

  1. Ya right, and Ahmadinajad would have us believe that his suicide bombers are all in heaven listening to Elvis. if you are interested in an interesting read which in part explains lefty culture, visit the following:


    • OK I'll bite… Because hard line theocracies are a product of lefties?

      Whether crimes are committed by Russia, Iran, Canada or Israel, you cannot logically balance out one against the other. Russia killing civilians does not mean Israel has any moral or legal right to do the same… both actions are rightly deplored, then appeased by both those on the left and the right of most countries around the world.

  2. Does anyone without an axe to grind have any reasonable intel on just how three Americans "went backpacking" in one of the worlds most dangerous interface zones? Were they geologists or archeologists or tourists, or….?

    I'm hard pressed to imagine many civilians are going to that neck of the woods on vacation. Are they dual nationals?

  3. Got curious, did some googling…three threats picked up on three different sites I tried to open to "learn more". One total system crash.

    Gee, maybe they aren't just tourists. Can someone with better AV software try this? Like maybe someone at MacLeans (or CSIS)?

  4. My questions as well, peter. Something doesn't smell right here. People from our part of the world who insist going to these savage, crackpot areas don't get much sympathy from me. That goes double for Canadians 'citizens' of convenience.

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