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Teneycke attacks Atwood over anti-Sun TV News petition

Head of right-wing news network attacks novelist for lack of “principles and patriotism”


Kory Teneycke, the vice-president of development for Quebecor Media and the man in charge of Sun TV News, has lashed out at Margaret Atwood over the Canadian literary icon’s support of an anti-Sun TV News petition. The petition is being promoted by Avaaz, a left-wing group based in the U.S., which claims “‘Fox News North’ [will] mimic the kind of hate-filled propaganda with which Fox News has poisoned U.S. politics.” “This is not the first time Atwood has put her political agenda ahead of principles and patriotism,” Teneycke writes in an op-ed published by the Sun papers, citing Atwood’s musing about supporting the Bloc Québécois if she lived in Quebec. “Seriously? How about voting for someone who doesn’t advocate the breakup of the country?” Teneycke goes on to point out the obviously fake names contained on the petition, including “Dwight Shroot (from The Office), Boba Fett (of Star Wars), Snuffaluffagus (Sesame Street) and Homer Simpson,” which Teneycke later confirmed were added by his source on the matter.

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Teneycke attacks Atwood over anti-Sun TV News petition

    • typical dipper, it's all about freedom of expression and sticking it to the man in whatever way you feel is apporpriate but when it's a conservative all of the sudden it's dangerous and must be stopped. Did you come up with this while you were breaking windows at the G20?

      • I was nowhere near downtown Toronto. I would have been there to go shopping and eat at restaurants. However Dictator Harper's police were arresting anyone on site.

        • I don't think you know what a dictator is

        • i'm sure you were there in spirit

    • Already signed it.

    • I was going to sign it, but input my own my message in support of Fox News North… though I backed out at the thought of receiving liberal emails.. shudder..

    • Ok nevermind, I went ahead and signed it with my own message in support of Fox News North. It was the least I could do.

    • petitioning to block this thing, is a srsly misguided effort.

      • Thank you, Sea_n_mountains!

  1. A petition for freer press? What a genius? What makes people think, that because they have written books, act in movies, and etc. – suddenly that makes them fountain of wisdom? So many pretentious people…

  2. Has anybody actually read the "columnist" at the Toronto Sun? Good gawd, what a bunch of grotesque CONS. I note Ezra Levant is writing for them now and he even seems mild by comparison

  3. Avaaz is not exactly unbiased. They are anti-Israel and pro-Arab. Avaaz is actually a Persian word. So, no surprise that they don't want this station to come on the air.

    • Thats total bullsht. You have no idea what you are talking about

    • Oooooh – a Persian word. How scary.

  4. Kory Teneycke is such a snot nosed little brat. It kills me that he gets so much coverage for what amounts to coldly calculated political tantrums.

    Honestly, calling into question people's patriotism and right to democratic freedom just because someone wiser and more respected than him is calling him on his crap?

    Doesn't he know that patriotism is the last refuge of the scroundrel?

    Oh wait, I bet he does.

    Down to your last refuge already eh Teneycke? LOL

    • Doesn't he know that patriotism is the last refuge of the scroundrel?

      and using force to shut down a free press is the first tactic of a despot

      • Well then he should attack from that position shouldn't he? Instead he attacks her patriotism and the right of people to vote for their representatives of choice? Total fail on his part.

        And BTW, a petition is just another form of voicing an opinion in a democratic manner, but one which can hardly be characterized as "force", since it has no real influence on the decision, but hey nice try.

        • either a fee press is inviolable or it isn't, a petition to influence a regulating party to stop the ability to express an opinion may not physical force but the end result is the same. We just want to pursuade you not to do it… eventually at the point of a gun.

          • So what are you saying really? That free speech doesn't include the right to start a petition against the awarding of a special status news channel? Because that's what they're shooting for, despite years of btching about the CBC sucking tax dollars.

            If they want to start a channel or paper of whatever, no one can stop them.
            They have the right to do so in any case.

            So I'm not sure what you're objecting to really.

            My objection is merely that Teneycke's retort is incredibly lame, off target and somewhat anti-democratic.

            That said, I don't lose sleep at night over concern for what Kory or his news channel might say. LOL

          • What I'm saying really, is that eventually those who don't recognize the right to a free press and try, through coercive means to suppress it are just one stop on the spectrum that leads to a lack of freedom. Of course they have the right to start a petition. It's when they implore government to use the power it has to do thier bidding that the problem arises. As far as I know, (I could very well be wrong), you need a licence of some kind to start a TV station. So what M.A. would love to see happen despite her problem with the "process" (which is another bit a fiction) is that if she had her wish the CRTC would shut down Sun Media's project. She has no problem whatesoever with that despite her transparent free speech credentials.

          • and..

            TK is undoubtedly using her contradictions for publicity, so what? She walked right into it. furthermore for you to say that an attack on her prinicples and patriotism is unfounded is just ignoring the fact that :

            a) she is in favour of limiting free speech she disagrees with (lack of prinicople) and b) would vote for an political entity whose ultimate goal is the break up of the country, lack of patriotism. This isn't the CHRC, truth is still a defense.

          • She's wrong about the process? In her letter she states that they can have their station. She just doesn't think Canadians, through a forced subscription should have to pay for it.

          • she is wrong in her unsubstantiated allegation that the government is pulling strings to get that subscription and furthermore why doesn't she have a problem with the the CBC in that case?

          • The CBC has a mandate to provide news to everyone, ie as a national broadcaster. If they really were partisan as both sides seem to like to claim from time to time, then maybe I'd agree, but comparing the CBC to Sun TV is silly in that regard.

            Sun TV is PROUD to be PARTISAN and have made that clear from the get go. Totally different story and no mandate from the people.

            In any case, anyone can form a specialty channel, they just have to convince the cable providers to carry it, as in they need a compelling business case.

            Since that's what conservatives are all about, expecially Kory and company, I'm surprised that they'd admit so readily that they can't by applying for a "must carry" station.

          • What I find hilarious is you bring up the exact point Atwood has a problem with:

            "It's when they implore governments to use the power it has to do their bidding that the problem arises" – is this not what Harper is trying to do for SunTV and is this not why Atwood signed the petition?

    • "coldly calculated political tantrums" is a wonderful line. And very apropos to this case too.

      Conservatives seem to relish calling the patriotism of any and all dissenters into question.

      So tell me, Phil, why DO you hate the troops?

      • They wear too much green. I can't abide people in green. LOL

    • Interesting he tried to say that if there would be outrage if the NRA were up here trying to influence the long gun registry debate. Rumour has it they are. I wonder what he knows about it.

  5. Kory Teneycke is a joke.

    • Margaret Atwood is a joke.

  6. Margaret Atwood is a fascist.

    • No, just a crap canlit novelist.

      • Yup.

      • Still waiting for your efforts to show up on the bestseller list.

    • If that is the case, then the word fascist has been overused to the point it longer has strong meaning.

      Like that guy who cut me off on the highway is a total fascist.

  7. First of all, let's not dignify it by calling it "Fox News North." Sun TV has no affiliation with Fox News and there's no reason to believe it will in any way come close to even the marginal quality Fox has to offer. Secondly, why waste time opposing Sun TV? They're probably lapping up the actions of folks like Atwood because it's the only advertising they can afford. Let the little cons have their TV station. We'll see how many people actually watch it.

    • Yeah well there's that point isn't there? Can't disagree with the fact that the petition essentially gives Faux North some free publicity, and serves no real purpose anyways, but people have a right to be idiots.

      And both sides are replete with them.

        • Now at 68,000 signatures

    • If you associate with members of Fox News and the PM at a 'secret' luncheon in New York and the press finds out ( and some people like Margaret are readers of newspapers) what do you expect her to say?

      • If it so secret how come you know

        • We know because some enterprising reporter looked up Ari Fleischer's compulsory reporting of his consulting activities. Harper must have thought it would never get out.

          • O'Neill wouldn't know because O'Neill only listens to dishonest rightwingers.

  8. Oh no, people are voicing their opinions publically through a petition that has no real influence!

    Quick, slander them!

    • I believe in her right to sign, or write anything she wants.

      It's my right, to think less of her for it.

  9. Margaret is a wanna be author who hasn't written anything of any remotely resembling relevance since ' A Handmaid's Tale ' – so who cares what she says or does –

    • Kory Teneycke?

    • Sorry, don't try to stack up Kory's achievements next to Atwood's cuz your boy will lose badly.

      And whatever you do, don't address the issue — just slander the dissenter!

    • "A Handmaid's Tale" resembled relevance?

      • "Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaids Tale belongs to the genre of anti-utopian (dystopian) science fiction where we read about a woman's fictive autobiography of a nightmarish United States at the end of the twentieth century when democratic institutions have been violently overthrown and replaced by the new fundamentalist republic of Gilead. In the novel the majority of the population are suppressed by using a "Bible-based" religion as an excuse for the suppression…"

      • actually , it resembles a meandering crap in the woods.

      • Sorry, too many big words and ideas for the teeny rightwing minds to cope with.

    • Juvenile, Wayne. You're as bad as Kory.

    • How many of her books have you read since 'A Handmaid's Tale'?

      I ask because I was fully and completely prepared to hate Margaret Atwood's writing. She is the personification of the 'elite Canadian literary establishment' I so dislike. But I read one, Alias Grace it was, and am disappointed to say that I very much enjoyed it. The thing I dislike about the 'elite Canadian literary establishment' is that books are fawned over when they meander over page after page, but there is no story. I can't imagine reading for the language alone; why can't we have both? Alias Grace really did give the best of both worlds.

      • Yes, it's good. I like some of her books like The Robber Bride much better than others; The Year of the Flood felt much more down to earth than Oryx and Crake did, though the latter's fertility rites of the bioengineered people are just hilarious.

    • Apparently you care.

    • I was watching Kory on Power and Politics today and it occurred to me that he was leaving himself pretty open to a libel suit from both Atwood and Avaaz.

      • Yes indeed; and I presume he would have to pay his lawyers out of his own pockets.

        • I have a feeling that guys like him never pay for anything with their own money.

        • Poor Kory. Perhaps he should consider running for Toronto City Council. Even Sandra Bussin doesn't have to pay for her own lawsuits.

  10. "…Teneycke goes on to point out the obviously fake names contained on the petition, including “Dwight Shroot (from The Office), Boba Fett (of Star Wars), Snuffaluffagus (Sesame Street) and Homer Simpson,” which Teneycke later confirmed were added by his source on the matter…"

    According to Kady, Teneycke's source shares an IP with the rotter who signed real journalists' names to the petition without their knowledge.:

    Just remember "freeping" was invented by lying rightwingers.

    • Nixon called people like that his "Dirty Tricksters."

      Generations of a-holes (with Karl Rove) at the summit learned from Nixon's tactics.

      • Roger Ailes, now head of Fox News, who Harper and Kory had lunch with, was one of Nixon's 'dirty tricksters. Small world isn't it?

  11. Has anyone ever seen Kory the Tory smile?

    Anyone? Ever?

    Why so cranky all the time, Mr. Cranky?

    • Don't know, but why is the clown ignotief always scowling?

      • Clever retort.

      • I have seen photographic and videographic evidence that the Igster is capable of smiling.

        I cannot say the same about Sourpuss.

  12. SunTV is not even on the air yet but man are they really getting under the skin of people. Media don't like change me thinks.

    • They don't like being dragged into the gutter.

  13. I have been trying to get an answer to this all day.

    How is Kory even able to "lobby" CRTC for special status.

    Isn't he supposed to be "cooling off" under the Federal Accountability Act?

    • I bet there has not been, and will not be, a single breach of ethics or lobbying rules as Kory TV pursues its broadcast license appli- pphhhhhhrt ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, can someone else finish that sentence for me?

    • The Accountability Act has a few loopholes in it, it would seem. It seems to be designed to work around business as usual.

    • If Teneycke or someone close to him was in fact responsible for signing journalists' names to a petition without their knowledge, then I have to shudder at the mind-numbing STUPIDITY of pulling such a moronic trick. Way to get your rivals on your side, Kory! Who is going to trust you about anything ever?

        • About 11 minutes into the interview is the realblow to his credibility.

        • Hmmm.

          I was not intending to sign the petition but after watching Kory I am convinced I should.

          I have to wonder about these free speech activists who are so afraid of what others have to say that they simply try to drown them out. If he were so confident in his position I doubt he would have had to interrupt so often.

      • The year is 2010 and they still don't realize IP's are traceable. Such is their genius.

  14. Nice headline. Should have been: Atwood attacks free speech in her own country.

    • Well, that would be a lie. Atwood is against politicians like Harper trying to control the media for their own sleazy purposes..

  15. There is no doubt in my mind that Kory Teneycke and his band of bigots at Sun Media will stoop to the same low level of journalism with Fox News North as we see at Fox News South. There is also no doubt in my mind that Harper, Teneycke, Giorno and others created the plan for Fox News North in the PMO and are now pressuring civil servants and regulators to authorize a license for FNN in a category where your and my cable fees pay for it. The CRTV has reserved this category for networks that have a long history of providing broad coverage of news and other programming. FNN meets none of these criteria. This is the "process" or lack of one, that Atwood and others object to. This is not a free speech issue.

    I also think Teneycke is serving a very valuable public service by speaking out so forcefully. This way all the world can see how much he resembles Fox News South and the other bigots there.

  16. There was a time when liberals supported civil rights for those they disagreed with. With campus speech codes, hate crime legislation, hate speech legislation and attacks on media outlets they don't like, the left are starting to look less liberal all the time. Dictators from Hitler to Stalin also believed that their suppression of free speech was in the public interest.

    • This petition has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

      I see this a lot, so it's worth going over – freedom of speech means the right to say what you'd like, without punishment for saying that, or active resistance against getting that speech out to those who may want to hear it.

      What freedom of speech does not entail is the obligation for others to make your voice more accessible than standing on a street corner yelling. If a paper decides not to print something you write to them, it's not denying your freedom of speech because it's THEIR paper, not your's. If a university decides not to give you access to their auditorium to speak, that's their right because it's THEIR auditorium (*cough* Ann Coulter *cough*). And if the CRTC decides not to classify a news channel as Category 1 (which would force providers to include it in their basic package) because it's not unique that's THEIR right because it's their function, just as it's the providers' right not to carry the channel in their basic package because it's THEIR service. And that last decision is what the discussed petition is in support of. There's no denial of freedom of speech there, whatsoever.

      Lastly, one other thing that freedom of speech does not entail is the right to be free from criticism. Sun TV News has every right to say what it wants to say (if carriers agree to provide it), but that in no way means I can't call the channel conservative propaganda that's so divorced from reality it should have signed a pre-nup beforehand so it didn't lose half its stuff – because that's part of MY freedom of speech.

  17. Why should Sun TV have special status. That's really what they are asking for and I cannot see that it is necessary.

  18. Genius everyone! What an advertisement, and free at that! Remember U of O?

    • Let's not cheapen the word "genius" shall we?

  19. I think this new Sun TV thing will be a disgrace and a disaster.

    Should we ban it for that? No. The right of free speech trumps my personal disdain for arrogant pricks like Kory Teneycke.

    • It's "freedom of expression" in Canada. But we are also free to sign a petition telling Harper to stop all pressure on the CRTC to give SunTV a special deal which the taxpayers would be forced to pay for.

      • Exactly. I still believe, despite growing evidence to the contrary, that Conservative Party supporters are not inherently or naturally stupid or ignorant. They're just willfully so. It's why they're willing to examine and consider only one side of an argument, be it the long form census or the Sun TV special deal.

        • And then they try to outshout anyone who has a different opinion.

    • I have yet to see anyone calling for a "ban" on SunTV.

  20. Canada's media needs greater balance. Too many lefties and not enough righties.
    It's obvious that the liberal elite is concerned about the effectiveness that a right-wing station would have among the voters. Otherwise, they wouldn't be consolidating to attack it.

    • If the right-wingers were concerned about the effectiveness of a right-wing station, they wouldn't be trying to get special treatment to have it be mandatory to be provided by carriers. Time to face the free market – if people want the channel, they'll demand it and the carriers will provide it to make money.

      But, like the National Post which lost money pretty much every year, and like Sun TV, which is losing money, Sun TV News probably will probably be a money-loser without a guaranteed revenue stream independent of actual demand for their product. In fact, Teneycke has pretty much said that it wouldn't be profitable for 7 years without such a guarantee.

      • How does the CBC hold up to your free market comment? It is funded by taxes (and has a totally Liberal agenda).

    • Or, if Kady O'Mally's journalism is accurate ( http://www.cbc.ca/politics/insidepolitics/2010/09… ) then Teneycke knew what was going on in a petition that wasn't available to be in time to write up his op-ed pieces… and those fictional characters were added by Teneycke's very source!

      So, Teneckye's position on reporting who was behind defacing and degrading a petition was, "Everyone knows you don't reveal your sources."


  21. Baha, KOry writes about fakes names being added while they are actually happening….no coincidence there..


    Contards, so stoooooopid.

  22. Kory is in the fight of his life because he knows that if he doesn't get this license, he is fired.

    Pierre Péladeau brought him on board because he thought he could deliver the license.

    He obviously didn't expect him to bring any other value to the organization. The guy is a snot nosed political hack being used by the Peladeau's.

    • So his only value to them is as a lobbyist, but since he worked for PM Harper, he is not allowed to be a lobbyist, is he?

  23. Anyone who doesn't agree with the Left socialist agenda is "hate filled". Their biggest problem is they can't win a logical argument, they are locked into "feelings" and vague beliefs about "rights" (collective rights "good", individual rights "bad"). They depend on filling the media with their believers and shutting out debate with hysterical claims about "violence" or "racism" that they can't back up.

    Ever notice there is no violence at so-called right wing "tea party" demonstrations, but left wing "peace" lovers set fires, destroy property, bomb, and physically attack others.

    • No. You are missing the argument completely.

      Kory is asking for special treatment for the CRTC, which amounts to a public subsidy of the private corporation he works for.

      No one would be raising a fuss if he wanted to have some sort of 24 hr cable news show on ch 68 (where SunTV currently resides)

      He wants "must carry" status for an station THAT HE HAS ADMITTED will advocate for the PMO, the CPC and his former boss.

      • Kory has the right to ask for subsidies. Lobbying politically in a system that is already politically controlled is unfortunately necessary. He doesn't write the rules. They were written by the Left to get subsidies for their biased views to be promoted in radio, television, print and "art". All of a sudden when someone uses the system but doesn't agree with the socialist agenda in this country it is an "outrage".

        So long as we have a "State" broadcaster paid for by all taxpayers (no left bias there!) and so long as radio and television licensing is controlled by the CRTC who give "special treatment" subsidies to some channels "in the public interest" but not to others, what is your point? The CRTC also keep out new outlets of all types to protect existing license holders through licensing restrictions even though there are no spectrum or other technical issues. Are you so naive you don't think politics is at play here?

        The biggest problem the CRTC has is figuring out how to deny the subsidy without being exposed as the left biased fraud that it is.

        Don't like subsidies? Great let's stop them all, both direct and indirect.

        • Teneycke does NOT have the right to lobby for subsidies:

          a) if he wants to start a private business he can dam' well finance it himself instead of picking Canadians' pockets. CBC belongs to Canadians. Sun TV is private. Learn the difference.

          b) since he used to work for PM Harper, he is barred from acting as a lobbyist.

        • So what you're saying is that the station can't make it without state support?

          Well.. let's see. Western Standard. National Post. CanWest.. hmm. You might have a point. It seems Canadians in general really don't prefer the right wing slant on facts.

          That's actually all the more reason for the state to deny that support, however.

          • Conservative welfare bums

  24. Atwood has a screw loose. In Canada, the lefty dominates the news cast. The CBC is notorious for anti-Israeli attacks, where serious factual errors are made-just note the number of retractions and apologies. The Toronto Star, a far left rag found in every Ontario school, is home to some of the countries most notorious Marxists-Thomas Walkom, Linda McQuaig, Michelle Shepherd, etc. This paper, the Canadian version of Pravda, should either be out of the classrooms or counter-balanced with the National Post.. Canada is one of a few countries where a national political party, is almost homogeneous in it's membership, to identify with anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic positions. Libby Davies, Linda McQuaig, Stacy Douglas, Samira Laouni ,Hayder Moussa, Carole James , Wayne Marston, etc. Numerous NDP journalists cover their anti-semitism by attacking Israel vociferously and using code words like anti-Zionism as a politically correct protective cover for those in left-wing circles Why do you thing Bob Rae, who's wife is Jewish, left the party?.

    • Wow, your comment is dripping with spite, lies and stupidity.

      • As is yours

    • The Toronto Star "a far left rag"? That's hilarious!! It has the largest readership among that city's four major dailies. I guess that makes Toronto a seething cauldron of Marxist revolutionary fervour.

      • People like No NDP do think Toronto a seething cauldron of Marxist revolutionary fervour. That's why Rob Ford's lead in the polls (last I checked) makes them so giddy.

      • Toronto Star readership is based on giving it for free at fast food restaurants, gas stations etc. Every second week I get a phone call to subscribe to Toronto Star for $1 per week . I have to be paid by them to accept this Terrorist loving leftist garbage to carry it to the recycle box.

        • So Torstar Corp would be…what…a big Marxist trojan horse, right there in the heart of Canadian capitalism?

  25. we are indeed in troubling times. a schizophrenic, polarized society where the divide between rich & poor, right vs left is now too pronounced. the hurricanes will only intensify. we must tread very carefully or we will lose much that has been built for "the common good" in such an affluent society. when people stop "listening" the result is usually not in the best interests of any of us, except for the psychopaths

  26. Just a note to all who sign this petition, expect spam in your mailbox. I signed a petition with Avaaz using a specific Email address. The email address was used just once, for that petition. I was surprised at the amount of spam that was generated. After a few checks on the net I found that I was not alone in this situation. Either Avaaz is selling or sharing this data or worse they have a serious security breech. Either way it is not good. Just google Avaaz spam for more info.

    • I signed _ no spam after three days, so sign and hope it makes a difference.

  27. Nice photo. New Canada meet Old Canada . . .

  28. We don't need Americans telling Canadians what to watch on TV. Sun Tv isn't on the air yet but all the lefties are getting a bit queasy. Maybe we'll learn something that the likes of Liberal CBC isn't telling us. All this "fuss" is the best publicity Sun TV could have wished for and it's free. Don't like the station, don't watch. BTW, CBC gets about 1 Billion of your tax dollars a year but that's OK with Atwood.

    • We don't need Harper stealing our money to put in his buddies' pockets. The petitions is to stop the backroom dealing and to stop Sun TV getting a special deal forcing everyone to pay for their channel.

      • You just have to look at Teneycke's vicious libellous attack on Atwood to realize what crap will be produced by any TV station he is involved with.

  29. Left-leaning people are such fascists, they know it, and they hate it when someone calls them on it. That's the problem some people have with the idea of Sun TV. Liberals would shut down the internet in Canada if they could – just so there wouldn't be any forum in which their fascist ideology is questioned. Hypocrites.

    • This is exactly what I've been thinking about all day; thanks for the links. Teneyke is NOT a journalist and never was to my knowledge; we tend to lump communications strategists and reporters together workwise — corporations LOVE to hire former reporters because they understand the issues from the other side of the microphone.

      But while rhetoric and persuasion are part of both jobs, the intent is very different. So when we read Kory's op-eds in the Sun, we are used to reading them by honest to god reporters and so we think we're reading an expert perspective.

      But we're reading targetted, strategic, partisan, ideological communications tactics. Not journalism. He's a manipulative liar and I don't trust him one iota.

  30. Lefties do not want competition-it's bad for business. In Ontario there really is only one school system, and the thought of introcducing competition via vouchers or chaters is a none statrter. The Toronto Star, Canada's version of Pravda, has it's own blogs. But unlike the G G and McLean's, the Star censors every single post. I once posted seven articles, which were anti-Harper. All got posted. I took the same articles, tweeked them a little, so that they would be anti-NDP or anti_Liberal and only three were posted.

    • Competition is fine. But unless it's publically run, it really doesn't deserve a public subsidy, right?

  31. Interesting Article by a Czec Intellectial-Kenneth Froehling

    Canadian Media Commentary on Resurgent
    Anti-Semitism and Israel in the 21st Century http://www.phil.muni.cz/angl/thepes/thepes_02_04….


    Some journalists (and non-journalists too) have
    labeled this the new anti-Semitism1 (i.e. attacking Israel vociferously and using code words ike anti-Zionism as a politically correct protective cover for those in left-wing circles in order to avoid being accused of what is considered to be classical anti-Semitism

    Why Licien Bouchard resigned as Premier

    For the Parti Québécois […] the anti-Jewish diatribes of Yves Michaud, one of its most prominent activists, triggered a political crisis […] His sudden attacks against the Jewish community came out of the blue.

    Pieere Burton on Moving to Toronto

    The people who suffered most were the Jews. The anti-Semitism was palpable
    I brought up the subject at a staff meeting (at Maclean's) and was assigned
    to write about it. The results were far more devastating than I had suspected.

    Fortunately for Canadian Jews (and non-Jews too), anti-Semitism began to dissipaterapidly beginning in the 1950s. But now….

  32. more

    Even if Al Gore had won the Florida ecount and the American presidency, the Canadian left, including most members of the federal NDP in Canada, had already embraced the anti-American, anti-capitalist, antiglobalization movement. However, by 2001, the anti-globalization movement began to advocate the cause of the Palestinians too. This meant that many NDP members, environmental activists and labor members who were against free trade, added criticism of
    Israel to its litany of complaints.

  33. Simplistic Thinking

    Naomi Klein, pointed out that the globalization movement isn't anti-Semitic; it just hasn't fully confronted the implications of diving into the Middle East conflict. Most people on the left are simply choosing sides and in the Middle East, where one side is under occupation and the other has the U.S. military behind it, the choice seems clear.

    • Actually though, those of us in the centre aren't choosing sides at all in this complex conflict. It is only the right that is lumping us in as anti-Semitic if we question a single thing the government of Israel does.

  34. a little more

    Critics of Israel have been at times uncompromisingly harsh, sometimes in the written and spoken word, and occasionally even violent.13 Criticism of Israel has been expressed on university campuses (where the issue of “divestment” is being hotly debated), in the churches
    of certain Protestant denominations and at labor union meetings.14 While their rhetoric has been cleverly crafted to avoid being charged with classical anti-Semitism, the use of words and symbols of the Nazi era and the Holocaust has often been twisted around to be used
    against the Israelis—which many Jews and non-Jews consider to be symbolic of the new anti-Semitism.

  35. Michelle Landsberg, a severe critic of
    the Sharon government and herself a Jew, complained
    Not long ago I attended a church-sponsored meeting about the Middle East
    conflict. It was an orgy of righteousness. One by one, members of the audience
    bemoaned and lamented the horrible oppression they suffered. If they dared to
    criticize Israel, they said, they would be accused of anti-Semitism. What
    a terrible burden. I sat there in grim silence. Anti-Semitism is real; it has created
    hardship, hurt and loss beyond the imaginings of any of those smug, selfcongratulatory
    burghers. (Landsberg, The Toronto Star, 7 April 2002)

  36. anyhow what was the main article about?

    • Wow! One long serial screed, of tangential (if any) relevance to the topic at hand. Feel better? If not, get help.

  37. What would happen if they (the cops if they only would do their jobs, there is now reasonable grounds to investigate this cyber impersonation: identity theft with respect to this petition) link the address to kory's people? We won't need him to take the stand for a conviction for conspiracy in that instance or failing to report a crime at the very least ? It would be interesting to see who uncovers any connection or connects the dots in a public way with this case of cyber identity theft.

    "I can't reveal my source" indeed.", that source would also have an ip right?

    • Signing real people's names to a petition without their knowledge would be identity theft or fraud or forgery, I would think.

      Committing such a crime and then reporting it as if he were a real journalist reporting on something he was not connected with would be a capital jouralistic crime, I expect. Teneycke has murdered his own credibility forever.

  38. It is so reassuring to see that Margaret Atwood, the snivelling little coward, believes in free speech only when she agrees with it. But wait, there is no station yet, there are no editorials, no interviews, no points of view, how on earth does Margaret Atwood know what she is opposing? Must be psychic, I guess.

  39. It tells people not to vote liberal when you refer to someone you disagree with as being "over his head". Seems like you liberals are in a panic mode lately.

  40. No special treatment for Sun TV! Let 'em start on a level playing field, and earn their support. And, Harper, BACK OFF THE CRTC!

  41. Teneycke was appointed Director of Communication for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on July 7, 2008. and thus became Harper's junk yard dog in charge of intimidating and manipulating the media.
    Harper holds virtually all of the Canadian media in contempt and has gone to extraordinary lengths to control his "message." — sending out his own photos, refusing interviews with the national press gallery, sneaking into the house of Commons through a side entrance so the media can't engage him. Now he hopes to have a channel all to himself. There is no doubt that Harper is behind the Fox news North idea.
    Having seen what damage Fox has done and is doing to the U.S. i.e. spreading lies and misinformation to support a neocon agenda , we must stand up and resist. Fox's ability to manipulate the message and the facts is what Harper wants here in Canada.

  42. Those on the left all of whom suffer from severe mental deficiencies revere this crackpot and she has a right to tell me what to read and what to believe. THAT is the makings of a civil war. I'ld rather see this country burn to the ground then be governed by the likes of wingnuts like her and her 'followers'. Haven't read a Canuckistani opinion article for years because I really can't stand maggots and leeches.

  43. The only "snivelling (correct spelling is sniveling) little cowards" are those who are afraid of a new news station that might have a different view other than the current Liberal minded media.

  44. The people of Canada deserve unbiased television in this country and we certainly do not get it on either CBC or CTV. If you think we get it on the CBC or CTV you are the biggest fool of all!