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Teneycke quits Quebecor Media

Former Harper aide says he resigned because his involvement would be detrimental to “Fox News North”


Quebecor VP Kory Teneycke, the main advocate behind the proposed launch of Sun TV News, has announced his resignation. Teneycke, the former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says he quit because his involvement in Sun TV News would only “inflame” the controversy over the channel, which has otherwise been derided as “Fox News North.” Teneycke will be replaced by Luc Lavoie, a former aide to Brian Mulroney. “Part of leading a team is knowing when your presence is a detriment to its success,” he said, “and while I am intensely passionate about this project, it has never been about a political crusade, and it’s never been about me.” He also noted that his resignation was not over a U.S.-based advocacy group’s request to investigate the persons responsible for “fraudulent” signatures on the group’s online petition to “Stop Fox News North”.

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Teneycke quits Quebecor Media

  1. And also went on to suggest that he has nothing but the highest respect for Ms. Atwood, and that he is still "very pleased" with how the CPC's new Accountability Act has made it less likely that people who worked in political offices were being prevented from attaining positions where they could use their connections whilst lobbying government.

    • Yup, a guy with real integrity this teneycke. well he was weened on the Harper code of ethics. When in doubt? Lie.

      • Conbuster…..you guys should be rejoicing at your good fortune. You and your ilk have driven the man away and that should make all the lefties happy. However, Sun TV will still come on the air Jan. 2011. You have lost the whipping boy. Now you have to come up with another straw man. The fact is Canadians are yearnig for a more balanced approach to reporting the news. Fox News in the States has clearly been successful and thats what terrifies the socialists/lefties and the left leaning media in this country. Any competition to their narrative is a threat that must be eliminated.

  2. Fox News is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Republican Party. It is not a "news“ organization. The proposed new SUN TV channel will be the same for the Conservatives. It`s OK. We have free speech here. Just remember what it is. Personally I will not watch it. I have no need for propaganda. Of course being the hypocrites that they are , they will want special privileges and ask for government (CRTC) support.

    • Bepele…..Its interesting you condemn the station even though it is not on the air. You have no idea what it will or will not be. If we truly have free speech then it should be given the same opportunity that other stations have been given. You have no idea whether there will "special" privileges given as you suggest. However, it is obvious the anti Sun TV crowd are terrified of having another voice speaking to Canadians. If you think it is propaganda then don't watch it. That is your right. However, arguing against it shows the hypocrisy of your position. Free Speech is not what you are advocating. It is censorship.

      • Given the newspaper that it is an outgrowth of, I think we can safely predict that it's content will be right wing, simplistic coverage of complex issues.

        And yes I am a conservative, even if I belong to the near extinct Red Tory clan

        • Near extinct? You mean we can have some hope that at least a few Red Tories yet live?

          Wonderful news!!

  3. I wrote, "It`s OK. We have free speech here."

    hollinm replied, "Free Speech is not what you are advocating. It is censorship. "

    Does anyone see anything wrong with the thought process here?

    • bepele……now you trying to be cute. The fact that you said it doesn't mean you really believe in the free speech thing. Rather than condemning Sun TV you should be encouraging its creation. If it doesn't succeed it is because the marketplace decided they didn't want the product not people like you badmouthing it before it even is on the air with your tinfoil hat theories.

      Do you see anything wrong with the process here?

  4. Free Press in Canada is just a mirage, but then we can all pretend, can't we?

  5. Teneycke's takeover of Sun Media's political coverage was quick and brutal. Most of its best columnists were fired, including Greg Weston, who broke the story of the G20 "fake lake" embarrassment, and Eric Margolis, who alone among Canadian journalists, never ceased pointing out the folly of the Iraq war and the tragedy of the Afghan conflict. His sin was to continually point out that neither were ever about "democracy" or liberating hapless women and girls being hacked to death daily for going to work or school, but solely about oil and oil pipelines.

    Avaaz's Executive Director Ricken Patel (a Canadian) says the RCMP were asked last Friday to launch a criminal investigation.

    Teneycke's resignation was sudden and unexpected, and followed Avaaz's request to the RCMP yesterday for a criminal investigation into the sabotage of our petition. This event only reinforces the need for a full police inquiry.

    This isn't over. Canadians are not just concerned about a Prime Minister's former spin doctor, they're concerned about a channel that backs the Prime Minister's political agenda, asking for special government favours to fund its launch.
    Stephen Harper is apparently in on the scheme. We know that he secretly met with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes in March 2009 and that he subsequently met with Peladeau, who's also had access to at least three other high ranking cabinet ministers. This fact alone is staggering in its implications. A sitting prime minister evidently using his position to facilitate the creation of a right wing news channel to serve as the propaganda arm of his government — and do so, moreover, at public expense. Are there even words to describe this? Perhaps one: Cheney-esque.

    Teneycke lauds Glenn Beck, Fox's anti-government conspiracy theorist, and makes note of a National Enquirer headline about “Obama Cheating Scandal.

    If faux News north ever becomes a reality the dumbing down of Canada would be accelerated and the neocon agenda would prevail.

    • Gary…..you need to put away your tinfoil hat. When Sun TV hits the airwaves it is the public that will decide whether they want to watch it. It is called free speech. I know it terrifies the lefties in this country that a more conservative voice may be heard rather than the clap trap we get from the left wing media, elites and of course the left wing punditocracy.
      The fact is the PM is entitled to meet with whoever he pleases and you have no idea what was discussed. To suggest that the PM was plotting a right wing station is silly. Do you think David Akin is a right wing zealot? Time will tell what the station will look like. However, as I say put your tinfoil hat away and quit trying to conjure up conspiracy theories. Let free speech reign in Canada even if it has a conservative bent. Teneycke is gone and that should make you and your ilk very happy.