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Tens of thousands protest same-sex marriage in France


Remy de la Mauviniere/AP

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Paris over the weekend in a massive march to protest France’s recently passed bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Scuffles with police occurred during the weekend protest, with police deploying tear gas and arresting 100 people, including 50 who were blocking traffic on the famous Champs-Elysees, reports BBC News.

A large protest Sunday was mainly peaceful until the end, when a group of about 200 protestors — many of them masked — threw bottles and stones at police and shot off fireworks, reports The Independent.

Numbers on just how many protesters were present varied, with police saying there were up to 150,000 people and protest organizers saying there were as many as 1 million people involved.

The bill, which allows same-sex couples to marry and gives them the same adoption rights as heterosexual couples, passed in April and was signed into law by President Francois Hollande last week. Increased rights for same-sex couples continue to be a divisive issue in the country. Prior to the vote on the bill, right-leaning protesters staged some of the largest protests the country has seen in recent years.

The first same-sex marriage under the new law will take place Wednesday in the southern city of Montpellier, where Vincent Aubin, 40, and Bruno Boileau, 30, will marry in front of 600 people and more than 100 accredited journalists.


Tens of thousands protest same-sex marriage in France

  1. The French are uptight and ultra-conservative in spite of the image they’ve been given by Charles Boyer and Maurice Chevalier.

  2. I agree with the spirit of the protesters in France as well as in Russia and Ukraine. I absolutely do not agree with the continual propagation of the homosexual lifestyle in TV shows, in movies and in other media because as a father and step-father I feel that such nonsense teaches our youth wrong and harmful lessons about their bodies and contaminates their perception of what role sexuality and love should play in life.

    • So hold on… You consider same-sex marriage harmful, yet you are either married to a previously divorced person, or you were divorced yourself…

      Hypocrite much? What does divorce say about what role love should play in one’s life?

      • While I respect but do not agree with George’s position on this, I do agree with Peter’s comment on the hypocrisy (a far bigger problem in humanity); however George could be a widower.

      • I am certainly in a heterosexual marriage. Are you a father or stepfather? Do you want your young children to be exposed to any kind of homosexual information or material either in print, on TV or on the internet? Homosexual men suffer all manner of health problems related to the nature of their activities and the health problems associated with them, would you want your son to experience these kind of health problems up to and including HIV and AIDS? I’ve known two homosexual men, one was a co-worker and the other a resident in an apartment building I lived in. Both died of AIDS, both were found dead after weeks. Both died alone and emaciated. What kind of life is this?

        • You make it sound as if children can choose to be gay and, if you keep the information from them, they’ll refrain from being gay. I want my children, and those of my siblings, to be raised in a society where we don’t discriminate against consenting adults for what they do behind closed doors. I’d want my son, if he were gay, to be happy with who he is and not fear rejection from an ignorant society.

          If you think that homosexuality is a choice (which is what you’re implying), may I ask you one question? At what age did you decide to be heterosexual?

        • Sources George or you are simply spouting homophobic crap. Show me proof that homosexual men live with “all manners of health problems”. HIV doesn’t only apply to homosexuals. And furthermore, your avoidance of PeterZ’s question shows your true colors.

          When I have kids, I want them exposed to LOVE in ALL of it’s forms so that they are raised being kind and good to ALL people in ALL preferences and walks of life. So that they don’t live in hatred and fear like you do.

          • Ask your physician about this. It is not “crap”. Homosexual men do suffer higher than normal rates of illness and highly specific types of injury as a result of the nature of their activities. PeterZ’s question has no bearing on the newspaper subject, therefore it is not going to be answered because anybody’s divorce has nothing to do with this topic. PS: No answer to my statement about allowing your children to be exposed to homosexual material or the nature of the life and death of the two examples of homosexual men I mentioned?

          • I’ve known a number of homosexual men who were in committed relationships who have lead long, happy, healthy lives. Anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean jack in discussions like this.

            Why is “homosexual material” damaging if you didn’t choose to be heterosexual?

          • Just because you saw two men sadly die alone (I doubt that’s even true but it doesn’t matter) isn’t indicative of the general gay populace. How many people sadly die alone every hour that are heterosexual?

            PeterZ was making a point that you believe homosexuals (And in reference to the article, gay marriage) negatively impact children, while he argues that children growing up with the institution of marriage so easily and acceptingly violated by constant divorce is a much more negative impact.

            Do you not want your kids to grow up with love for all people, all races, all preferences? To be accepting and caring and want to put good back into the world, un-judgemental and without hate or fear? I’m being candid here because I fear for your children’s emotional wellbeing when they are told to fear and hate one type of person for no reason that will make sense to them, and love and cherish others.

          • what a load of drivel. I feel sorry for any kids you have

        • Statistics has shown that divorce harms children more than gay couples do. Statistics show that children from divorced homes are more likely to become divorced themselves when they grow up. Children from divorced homes are more likely to do drugs, and commit suicide.

          Statistics also show that step-parents are the most likely out of any demographic to abuse their spouse’s children (sexually, physically).

          And you have a problem with AIDS? In raw numbers, there are more heterosexual people with AIDS than gay people. There are hundreds of STD’s out there, and straight people are known to get them very often. How is it any different than if you were to get cancer? “Both died alone” – glad you recognize that… maybe you agree with allowing gay people to get married and commit to a life together, then?

          And what about lesbians then? They are the least likely to have any sort of STDs (less likely than both gay men and straight people).

          You make such foolish arguments, I feel sorry for your children to have to grow up in uneducated households.

    • Please explain what role sexuality and love should play in life George Rutkay, so those with common decency can truly see your simple homophobia.

      • I have no phobia – fear. But it is an un-natural use of the human body when for example two men try to copulate, and it is a useless and selfish activity that has not only no chance ever of producing children but also has every chance of causing medical ills. I observe that I am not alone in my views.

        • WHAT MEDICAL ILLS GEORGE. Don’t just say HIV because that is NOT specific to homosexuals.

          So you will teach your children that sex is solely to procreate, is not an expression of affection, love, or grace, and that love plays and important role in life, UNLESS you think it’s unnatural or strange. I’m sure you will also explain love as forgiving, total, without boundaries and the most wonderful thing in this life (A total contradiction).

          Gotcha. Poor kids.

          Also, just because you are not alone in your views does not make them right.
          As someone else commented, you seem to believe that homosexuality is a choice. As long as you believe this utter falsehood, you will not change.

          Also, if your wife and you use a method of birth control, your argument becomes invalid as you two are simply being selfish in your own definition.

          • The only medical ills I could see associated with ‘typical male homosexuality’ is maybe due to a likely increase in ‘butt play’. Rectal bacterial flora being perpetually exposed to the oral bacterial flora would likely cause some problems. However i think we can all agree that just because two men are gay does not necessarily mean ‘butt play’ is the order of the day; but there is certainly a higher incidence than heterosexual activities. Typically, higher than normal gay male illnesses is associated with a likely riskier lifestyle than it is with the stuff I mentioned earlier. :)

        • Because you are not alone in your views may be comforting to you but numbers do not necessarily strengthen the validity of your view. If ‘natural’ is the metric by which we engage in sexual acts then we should rule out fellatio, cunnilingus, and even foreplay as these acts are simply not required to reproduce. Your view is obviously based on religion, which is fine, but I caution all of us to be careful when we peak into other peoples bedrooms as we then open ourselves to having others peak into our bedrooms.

          Gays and bisexuals are an interesting ‘breed’ (no disrespect meant). Most gay men originate from young horny men not having an outlet for their pubescent sexual desires because young girls must protect their impregnable uterus (and their reputation) and so they turn to similarly horny young male friends and ‘experiment’, usually resulting in some form of ‘release’. Many have a lifetime of guilt over this experimentation period and many find the act of engaging with men to have much less baggage as opposed dealing with women (similar reason for prostitution).

          As for the comment about choosing to be gay…it IS a choice; however the ‘desire’ is not (that’s wiring and hormones). Is a thief a thief before he steals? If so then we are all thieves and possibly all gay.

          Most homophobes are simply worried about the erosion of society due to homosexuality. My god people, we have much bigger problems to worry about…for example: starving children anywhere in the world.

          • Do you believe that homosexuals make the choice to be just that? Do you believe it’s possible to be born that way?

            And oddly enough, nobody here mentions that homosexuality applies to females as well.. not just pubescent boy’s unable to get in a girls pants.

          • ‘I’ think that people do make the choice to engage in sex with either the same sex or the opposite sex (of course rape aside). I believe the desire to be with the same sex may be inherent but the act is a choice. I also believe it is the act that makes one gay or hetero as per the example about the thief. If just the slightest thought of being with the same sex makes us gay then, uhm, I guess we’re almost all gay. And certainly YES some boys (or girls) are definitely more attracted to the same sex than others (it’s not a definite line in the sand…but the act certainly is).

            Kinda makes sense, we’re all the same (ie humans) and thus share many of the same ‘desire’ triggers (ie beauty, confidence, health) however our genes (ie XX vs XY) along with hormones (not just testosterone and estrogen) along with social upbringing play a role in our preferences…I think homosexual desires are a spillover from the sex which we are not. For example, a man has nipples…why??? Because we share the same blueprint as a woman. A woman has a clitoris…why??? Because it is an undeveloped penis, again the blueprint. Well these are physical traits but it makes sense that there are also psychological remnants as well; such as a young man appreciating a big strong male chest on another man or perhaps a woman appreciating a beautiful pair of breasts on another woman. I dont think these are binary kind of desires…they’re more like analog values and when the desire is high enough from these psychological remnants from the opposite sex then one may act on them and therefore become gay (or bisexual).

            As for gay women…well, most consider that kinda sexy. Lol, joking aside, I think (stats anyone?) there are far less gay women than men and I also think the reasons for female homosexuality differ from that of gay men.

          • A person is born gay, just as some are born left-handed. Sure, it can be suppresed if required for survival (and it is required in many societies), but it is still their inherent nature.
            Do you advocate forcing people to be right-handed? Do you think a left-handed person forced to use their right hand is not psychologically damaged from having to deny a part of their core being?
            Studies have shown that left-handed people have shorter lives as a result of the added stress of having to live in a world where so many things are designed for right-handedness. And that’s without any persecution or forced repression.
            So yes, a person IS gay, whether they act on the desire or not. It is an inherent part of their being, just like -handedness or skin colour. Deal with it.
            (For the record: straight & left-handed)

          • Sorry, SR, but I think your idea of where gays come from is completely out to lunch.

        • Not alone in your views? No. There are, sadly, lots of homophobes. That doesn’t mean you – or they – are right, though.
          For the record: Straight male; separated (soon to be divorced); have gay friends (not married, though I would be happy to attend the wedding if they decide to go that route); have no problem with my daughter knowing about homosexuality. The more she knows, on any topic, the better able she is to understand and make reasoned decisions.

    • Good. Don’t like Canada’s values? Get on a plane and go to France/Russia/Ukraine. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  3. I personally don’t care if gay marriage is allowed. However I can’t stand how a lot of these Western European coutries are quick to condemn other countries with similar civil unrest attached to this issue. France is great at portraying a certain image, the truth is that they are pretty much the same as any other European country. Remember your own problems before you go around pushing other countries to fix theirs!

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • Why does this matter? Homophobia is homophobia, whether its Islam, Christian, Athiest or Agnostic phobia.

    • Look at the photos on other sites. It’s mostly French (native French)… and many of them are carrying far-right symbols and White Supremacist symbols.

  5. The protest could be called the, “we don’t want other people to be happy protest.” Such a shame that there are tens of thousands of selfish people as there.

  6. God made man and woman to procreate.not two gays easy to figure out.wake up people.

    • Take your bad grammar, poor arguments, and homophobia and leave.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Ah, so anyone in disagreement with you does drugs (I think). Or is drugs. Can’t tell, because you can’t use at least HALF decent English.

        • People who can’t write or spell are clearly degenerate.

    • There is no god. Easy to figure out. Wake up,

    • So a man who is infertile or a woman who is infertile – and incapable of “procreating” – should not be allowed to get married? Interesting.

      • And, presumably, be barred from having sex.

    • Gay people are made by straight people. Do the math (or the biology).
      Ever have sex for a reason OTHER than to procreate? If so, stop being such a hypocrite.

  7. Bad media. Shows you how controlled the media is. Official police report was 150,000 while others said up to a millions protesters. But the media is now trying to downplay it with thousands.

    • It’s not the media’s fault, it’s because they don’t know how many people were there. The official number is 150,000. It’s not possible that there were “millions” of protesters, because Paris has 2.2 million people.

  8. This comment was deleted.

    • One of ‘dem sick gay-types! Quick, everyone get ya pitchforks and lets get em’ weirdo’s!

      God damn, go back to the dark ages.

  9. This comment was deleted.

    • The word is “immoral”. And morals are completely subjective.

  10. I’m glad my parents were not a gay couple who adopted a child. They already embarrassed me enough when they’d bring me to school (and they were straight), all kids feel the same about their parents… even Angelina Jolie said their kids were embarrassed by them when in public. So I can just imagine how I would have felt if all the kids in school bullied me because my parents were a married gay couple.
    Personally I think it’s selfish for gay couples to adopt children. It satisfies their deep desires to build a “family”, but at the child’s expense. The kids have no say in the matter, the choice was made for them.

    • Would this problem not be COMPLETELY solved by kids and society not viewing homosexuality as being immoral or wrong?

      And then, with the millions and millions of suffering orphans being recycled through the system like pieces of human baggage, wouldn’t allowing everyone (No matter your preference) to adopt lessen that burden and provide decent homes?

      I can’t speak from experience, but it’s my guess 99% of orphans would take bullying at school because of gay parents over being ORPHANS.

      • Homosexuality is not immoral or wrong, but gay marriage is not right… and gay couples adopting or using surrogate mothers is very very wrong IMO.

      • Have you heard of all the teen suicides caused by bullying? kids with gay parents will be made to suffer… but the gay parents feelings are much more important than the kid’s.

        • Remove the stigma against homosexuality and you remove the bullying.

          • Keith reiterates my point that you so blatantly ignored because you are set in keeping to your phobic beliefs.

          • “Remove the stigma”, that’s easier said than done. In fact it would be much easier for gay couples not to adopt.

          • Are you serious? Look homosexuals are also people like you and me and have the right to adopt children that are probably dying of hunger in other countries,but it seems you prefer to see them like this instead of being with gay parents where they can feel loved and they can learn that your sexual orientation has nothing to do to be a caring and loving person,it´s very sad when even in the 21st century there are still people who think like you.Sorry for my English I´m from Spain where thankfully same sex marriage has been legal since 2005 and they can adopt with no proplems.

          • I just don’t buy this notion that if gay people did not adopt, orphans would be doomed to live in orphanages. I don’t believe they do this to save them, but rather to satisfy their own desire to have kids… saving them from orphanages is a consequence, but not their primary goal. If an orphan is old enough to understand, he/she should be given the choice if they want gay parents…. those who are too young don’t have a say and the choice is made for them.

            Most of the kids I knew who grew up with single parents have problems raising their own children as they do not know how to emulate their own father or mother (depending which was missing from their life). Men who were raised by only a mother and without a father… do not know how to be a father, they have no experiences to draw from. A mother can’t help a boy to deal with boy issues at school (such as dating, bullying, competition etc). Two men who have a daughter will never be able to understand her completely like a mother would. Men have a hard time communicating with their wives, it’s the same thing with daughters. How does a man understand what a girl goes through when she reaches puberty and starts her periods?

            If a kid has a mother and a father who divorce and then one of the parents has a gay relationship, then at least the kid still gets to have a real parents.

            Anyway, I have no problem with gay relationships.There are plenty of unfit straight parents who should not have kids: like those who keep getting pregnant but are unable to provide because they are on drugs, have no jobs and no spouse. Or those who impregnate multiple women and disappear thereafter.

            I’m just concerned for the kids, that’s all.

          • Just like you said that they have no choice if they want gay parents they don´t have the choice of having straight parents either,you just say that because you have seen and lived with “normal” parents and you are not use to another type of matrimony.Also just like gay parents want to adopt to satisfy their desire to have kids many “normal” parents also do that when they can not have kids and I don´t see anything wrong with that, probably you don´t either so where´s the problem if a gay couple wants to adopt if their purpose is the same ? Now those examples that you´ve given from your own experience aren´t always true,I mean do you really think a mother can´t help a boy with his school issues?Only a dad can? if you think like that you are completely wrong for example my dad usally was never at home because he had to travel a lot since he was in the military and my mother raised me and helped me with all my school issues with no problem.Another thing that doesn´t make sense at all is what you said about gay parents,they will never be able to understand a daughter just like a mother would, so then according to you “normal parents” will never understand their gay children just because they aren´t gay?You should get rid of your prejudices

          • The “right” thing to do is rarely the easiest thing to do.

          • Ahhhh so you’re simply a proponent for doing whatever is the easiest thing to do.

            Do me a favour, next time you see an orphan or a kid cycling home to home, craphole to craphole, you tell him “You know, there are tons of loving parents out there that happen to be the same sex. I don’t want any of them to adopt you, love you, provide for you, care for you, because you’d be bullied, and it’s easier for us to stop you from being adopted than it is to change society so you won’t get bullied.”

            You won’t, because you know it isn’t right. You KNOW it isn’t right, deep down. Dispel your fear, stand up for love and tolerance. One day you will die and if you have a chance to look back at your life you will regret it if you don’t.

            I KNOW you know this because you are using indirect arguments against gay marriage and homosexuality. You aren’t indoctrinated to hate yet, just to fear. Let it go. Let love into your life..

        • “kids with gay parents will be made to suffer” – When I was in high school (and this was 10 years ago, even before gay marriage was legalized), there were two kids who had lesbian parents. Everyone knew, and no one gave them a hard time. They were also the most “popular” kids in school. But this was a high-immigrant (Indians and Chinese) area, where kids were generally very smart and well-behaved – and their parents were more concerned about teaching their kids to study – that these kids were never really the types to become bullies. I expect that in certain areas, parents will be less effective in raising decent children. But that’s the parents/bully’s fault, not the gay parents.

          Perhaps, parents should teach their kids not to bully. Why should decent people bend over backwards for criminals or uncivilized people?

          • So people who don’t like gays are uncivilized criminals?

          • Yes you are ;-)

    • “Personally I think it’s selfish for gay couples to adopt children.” — Yes, because adopting children and giving them a chance at a future – is worse than letting them languish in the social foster care system? I expect that you’ll be unselfish and adopt children.

      • I’m helping a child in Africa by corresponding and sending money and gifts.

        I feel sorry for kids languishing in orphanages. But if you’d ask them, most would rather be adopted by heterosexual couples (and most are). Besides, many use surrogate mothers and don’t adopt (which is very hard to do).

        And if I was a kid in an orphanage, my first choice would be a “normal” couple… second would be a lesbian couple……. and the last choice would be an all male couple… in my experience my one father was more than enough, don’t think I could handle two like him.

  11. This comment was deleted.

    • You have provided no sane argument for that position.

      State and Religion/God are separate — if marriage is conducted by the government, no religious organization should have a say over it. If marriage is the sole property religion, then they should not be entitled to government-supported benefits.

      If marriage is a way to “procreate,” then any infertile person should not be allowed to get married. And if you were to claim that procreation is the goal of marriage – then that would mean you support polygamy/polygyny.

      • I don’t support polygamy

        • Don’t bother Lisa. Brian Foster is uneducated, and part of a generation that I personally (As a 24 year old) can’t wait to see go.

          Maybe I’m cynical, but it’s hard to believe you can change these peoples opinions.

          Most of my arguments I write not because I am trying to change the OP’s (Original poster’s) opinion but because I hope someone my age or younger reads these arguments and thinks for themselves and comes to the decision of whether or not to act of out pure love for themselves.

          • yea i forgot gays created the world.i must have been created from two penises or two vaginas not sure.RIGHT!!!

          • The world is not going to disappear just because they allow gay marriage,there will still be heterosexual who will have kids so what do you worry about?if you believe that the purpose of marriage is to procreate apply it to yourself ,don´t worry if other people don´t see it that way and they think marriage has other purpose