The end of Toronto’s civic strike in sight

Tentative deals struck with both locals


A mutual settlement has been reached between CUPE locals and the city of Toronto, said CUPE Local 79 spokesperson Ann Dembinski. The resolution will put an end to the city’s 36-day civic worker strike affecting garbage collection, ferry services, and city-run daycares. Details will be released once the agreement is ratified by union members and City Council. Information regarding the continuation of city services will be released in the upcoming days. “The agreements mean our employees can return to work and resume delivering the excellent public services Torontonians expect and deserve,” said Toronto Mayor David Miller. “The strike has been a difficult period for our city.”


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The end of Toronto’s civic strike in sight

  1. The City didn't get a single concession, which means they could have made a deal without having a strike. It's time for Miller to resign.

  2. If there are no concessions other than trading sick days for a short term disability plan and the Mayor gave the union 7% over 4 years on top of cost of living and merit increases–We need a new Mayor who will look after the interests of taxpayers. The disparity between public/private sector wages/benefits/pensions has become too wide. Lets put as many of these jobs as we can out for tender. The unions can bid on the jobs.