“Terrible, nonchalant, lackadaisical”

Cornwall Conservatives slam Public Safety minister for lack of action on border shutdown


Nearly a month after a dispute over arming border guards shut down the Akwesasne border crossing, some local Tories are starting to wonder why the federal government hasn’t intervened to end the impasse, Canwest News reports. Cornwall party organizer Glen Grant, who managed Conservative MP Guy Lauzon’s last two election campaigns, says he believes Lauzon is doing “all he can” on the issue — but isn’t nearly as sanguine about the efforts of Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan. “[His] body language has been terrible, nonchalant, lackadaisical, whatever happens will happen, no sense of urgency to get this resolved,” Grant told Canwest reporter Jorge Barrera, who notes that calls to the minister’s office were not returned. The local chamber of commerce has also called on the government to get involved, claiming that the shutdown is costing the community thousands of dollars in lost business.

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“Terrible, nonchalant, lackadaisical”

  1. From what i know Cornwall/Canada was in the process of tearing down the north part of the bridge (rather then being elevated section of bridge, the new north bridge will be a low, more horizontal section). This was planned before the border-guard-gun concerns. The old Domtar mill is located at the base of the north bridge span. Suggestion: why not build the customs building at the old Domtar site/north bridge base site? Why does it even need to be located on Akwesasne? Using a steeply inclined bridge makes no sense economically/environmentally on that section of the St.Lawrence connecting Cornwall Island…big passing ships can use the south bridge section of river.

  2. cont'd-

    Heck, the more southern section of the old bridge could be given to Akwesasne to build an artistic "London bridge" type attraction. With the smoke stacks at Domtar no longer operating, and if no cars/trucks dripping with corrosive salt/sand are using/abusing the bridge…why tear it down? It would probably cost more to tear it down then it would to upgrade it and turn it into a historic building. Here's the idea: tear down the base of the bridge on Brookdale Ave leading to Cornwall canal. Clear the Domtar site and locate customs buildings there. Keep/upgrade/build upon the section of bridge directly above the old Cornwall canal connecting to Akwesasne. Build the new, low-level bridge next to the old bridge.

  3. Like the old, floating concrete bridge connecting Kelowna on Lake Okanagan…i don't understand why the plan for the north Cornwall section of bridge is to remove and tear down. Not sure what the current status of the Kelowna bridge is…but SNC L was actually thinkin of sinkin the giant concrete floats. As if these old bridges couldn't be built upon…the "solutions" put forth regarding potential outcomes of such assets are economically and environmentally unsound and lack in vision for which they may be used