Terror suspect arrested in Toronto

RCMP apprehend alleged Al-Shabaab recruiter at Pearson Airport


A Toronto man reportedly affiliated with the Somali Islamic militant organization Al-Shabaab was arrested on Tuesday night just before boarding a plane at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. The suspect, who has yet to be identified, was about to fly to Cairo via London en route to Somalia. “The suspect was allegedly planning to travel to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab and participate in their terrorist activities,” the RCMP said in a news release.

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Terror suspect arrested in Toronto

  1. Did he also come from a "broad strata of the community?" (Like the Toronto Police Chief said about the Toronto 18)

  2. Shouldn't the Muslim Student Association of every Canadian Universities (ie. University of Toronto) be investigated, especially after what they find out in many US investigations, that this organizations have been successfully used as a recruitment front and brainwashing machines for Islamists?

    • You definitely have a point. UofT’s MSA should certainly be investigated. After all, their MSA did fund-raise for a terrorist group, which is illegal under Canadian Law whether the MSA knew it or not, and many dangerous terrorists use the MSAs to get their message across, influencing unsuspecting muslims to join terror plots abroad.

      However, due to the many levels of bureaucracy at UofT, this will never happen, despite UofT having a Jewish Studies Program, and Equity Studies Program and a jewish university president.

      UofT also has a hate-filled “Israeli Apartheid Week” which is nothing but blatant lies and is even condemned by its own professors!

      Wistful thinking that the MSAs could be investigated, but nothing more than a pipe-dream.

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