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Terror suspect auditioned for ‘Canadian Idol’

Security officials increasingly worried about ‘homegrown’ terror threat


The RCMP have arrested a third suspect in a growing sweep against an alleged terror cell plotting attacks on Canadian soil. Khuram Sher, a Canadian-born physician and graduate of McGill University, was picked up early Thursday as part of “Project Samosa.” Curiously enough, Sher appears to have once auditioned for Canadian Idol, where he performed an off-key rendition of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” The two other suspects, Misbahuddin Ahmed and Hiva Ali Zadeb, were picked up in Ottawa on Wednesday. Security officials say “homegrown Islamist extremism” has become Canada’s primary security concern. “Young Canadians are being radicalized to an extremist ideology and want to support that ideology with violence,” A. Comm. Michaud, the head of National Security Criminal Investigations, told the National Post.

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Terror suspect auditioned for ‘Canadian Idol’

  1. Leaving aside the objectives, you have to admit that Project Somosa sounds delicious.

    • Agreed. I can't wait 'til they get to Project Dal and Project Tandoori Lamb. I'm in!

  2. Hmmm…curious that most of the homegrown terrorists we have seem to have attended the same schools.

    • Could you provide details of that?

    • Probably because many professors are so left leaning, and with the lefties so mum about terrorism…

      • You are suggesting that since professors don't talk about terrorism, it causes widespread terrorism?

  3. Sorry, I'm not going to google every story, but I would mention that many of these "adherents" to extremism seem to like attending Universities in Ontario and Quebec.

    Also, I believe it was the UK where the last three presidents of the "student muslim's association" in once school were all engaged in terror activities.

    • Perhaps that is because most Canadians live in Ontario and Quebec.

      • But authentic Canadians live in the West

  4. I just watched his audition on the Macleans video of the day…If this slimy individual is as bad at Terrorism as he is at singing we shouldn't have to much of a problem….

    • Most terrorist are not very bright but it only takes one lucky idiot

      • Good point……

  5. Three cheers for the Liberal vision of Trudeau. This is the great liberal god, who not once raised human rights issues when he visited his buddy Fidel in Cuba. The liberals brought in all kinds of immigrants in exchange for their votes. And Trudeau's policies, which are very close to the policies of the cultural Marxist, set the stage for our demise- nuclear family is on life support, escape from personal responsibility, has turned us into a group of spoiled self centered egotists, no fault divorce, and political correctness. The authors of cultural Marxism, who's intent was to ensue that society fails in order to usher in communism, had a true champion in Trudeau.

    • Did you know that the original move towards 'multiculturalism' in official policy was in response to dissatisfaction with an official 'biculturalism' from Slovak, Ukrainian and other Eastern European groups in the prairies?

    • Well you're right about Trudeau not publicly raising human rights with Fidel but I'm sure they had many a back-and-forth over booze and cigars. Pity Pierre never made those conversations public, because in the end he'd have bested Fidel in debate and we all know it. What that has to do with your desire to see society go back to pre-Mad Men-mode and how it relates to terrorism is… oh wait, members of my family are divorced so I think I'll go bomb a public facility! Got it! Gag.

  6. This should not be surprising. Psychological profiles of terrorists in the west tend to produce a picture of psychologically normal, middle class people. What distinguishes them is not their lack of integration, as the above poster suggested (the guy speaks good English, and knows Avril Lavigne songs by heart), but social isolation. Isolated people turn to places that offer them social solidarity, which includes radical mosques or websites. The best predictor that somebody will engage in this sort of extremism is that they have a friend or family member who is also involved.

    Trudeauite multiculturalism and the tolerance exhibited by Canadians (relative to most Europeans and inreasingly Americans) is our best weapon against terrorism in the long-term. In the shorter term, infiltration of emerging terror networks will also be effective – but that also requires a strong relationship between the authorities, and the concerned citizens in the relevant communities that can help provide information to the police (as happened to the 6/6/6 cell).

    • Trudeauite multiculturalism is our best weapon againsts terrorism thanks i was having a bad day and i really needed a laugh.and to think how stupid i was in afganistan having my rifle on me at all times,and driving around in all those crapted hot as hell armoured lavs when all i ever needed was a picture of Trudeau taped to my forehead and "celebrate diversity" flyers to hand out.I really am starting to believe that you "progressives" really are on another planet.

      • I should firstly say I appreciate your service, and secondly add that I am not a progressive. What we are talking about here is homegrown Canadian terrorism, which has very different roots from what you are dealing with in Afghanistan (which is probably closer to an internationalized civil war at this point). Folks like Sher have no tangible connection to Al Quaeda or the Taliban. They are not being organized from abroad. The Madrid bombers, the 6/6/6 crew, and so on are cells that sprung up spontaneously from the Muslim diaspora, often organized via the Internet. You can't fight these kinds of terrorists in the same way that you would terrorists in Afghanistan – to take your story as an example, obviously it wouldn't make sense to drive around Toronto in armoured lavs.

    • They are not "socially isolated"…they attend mosques, hob-nob with other fundamentalists…etc…that happens to be their social network, revolving around their religion. Same as the social networks of Tamils or Chinese or Sihks tends to revolve around their own ethnic communities. You can call that "isolation" from the "mainstream" community, but it is just as much "lack of integration" into that broader community (I would argue more so) than "isolation" on an individual basis.

      If you want to define it as isolation, it's self-imposed. Most cults to that.

      "Multiculturalism" is a double edged sword. It means in part we celebrate these "isolated" communities as being part of one big happy cultural mosaic. On the other hand it would seem to provide a breeding ground for "pro-ethnic", "anti-Canadian" sentiments and actions (the ultimate expression of that being terrorism.) That being said, I fully agree that our ability to infiltrate terror networks is made easier by the fact we have many, many members of those communities (the vast majority in fact) who are "socially integrated" with Canada and provide an "early warning system" to identify and help snuff out terrorist activities in their early planning stages. (We can only hope!)

      • Radical mosques and websites that advocate terrorism are not mainstream. The people that join them are often socially isolated before doing so. As for multiculturalism, it is a phenomenally successful program of assimilation. The main barrier for integration is rarely to be found within immigrant communities themselves, but rather in the majority population. The simple pleasures of life in a western country are a far greater force for assimilation than any government program ever could be. Because Canadians are far more welcoming we do not have the kinds of problems faced in the United States or Europe (where assimilation IS the explicit goal of policy).

        Pew did a survey that compared Muslims in Canada and Europe, which is instructive in this regard (http://www.unac.org/ready/en/research/Canada%27s%20Muslims,%20an%20International%20Comparison.pdf)

        % who feel most/many fellow citizens are hostile to Muslims
        Canada: 17%
        Britain: 42%
        Germany: 51%
        France: 39%
        Spain: 31%

        "Not worried about women taking on modern roles"
        Canada: 72%
        Britain: 54%
        Germany: 74%
        France: 52%
        Spain: 65%

        "% satisfied with how life is going in their country"
        Canada: 81%
        Britain: 51%
        Germany: 44%
        France: 33%
        Spain: 76%

        % who identify with moderates (in moderate-extremist struggle)
        Canada: 80%
        Britain: 66%
        Germany: 75%
        France: 89%

        Canada is the most welcoming and tolerant country in the world, and that has paid off some real dividends.

        • Statistics are great but unfortunately Canada seems to be just as much of a hot spot for home grown terrorism as Europe.Also we seem to have a problem with Honor killings as well.Most cultures seem too assimilate very well in Western Democracy's but the Islamic culture apparently is having a hard time with the concept.

          • A couple of such incidents do not constitute a widespread menace to the Canadian society. The Muslim community of Canada are as law abiding as other communities in Canada. However, any isolated incident is blown out of proportion by media where any such crime is not given that attention which is more sinister than this alleged plot.
            The mindset of Canada is being misinformed by ambitious media which only wants to cash in on such incidents as some thing very grave and major where as it is not. The media should play a very balanced and sensible approach to tackle such incidents to keep harmony among all communities of the proud multicultural Canada

  7. You know, hearing Project Samosa, I almost thought it was a Brampton operation.

  8. It's official WORST Canadian Idol audition!

  9. Canada has not witnessed any act of terrorism and there is no proven example that the accused actually had the malafide intent of doing harm to fellow citizens/residents. These individuals might only be drawn to the extremist groups and may be moved by their information of the sufferings of the Civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the hands of Government and coalition troops. This may be only an spontaneous outburst of commiseration to the travails of the victims in Afghanistan and Pakistan which prompted them to think and act which may be harmful to compatriots.
    The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of their alleged crime which prima facie is minuscule. The Canadian multiculturalism is surely a boon to the nip in the bud any malicious intent being translated into reality.