Testify, Mr. Harper


This is the cover of our Year In Pictures edition. I love it, and not only because mauve is my favourite colour. Like you, I had no idea that our fair Prime Minister moonlighted as a televangelist.

“I will smite those Liberal heathens, ladies and gentlemen. I will confine them to the pits of hell, which you and I both know is the island of Montreal, and rain a glorious Conservative majority down on this beautiful land. I cast ye out, damn pinkos! Testify!”

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Testify, Mr. Harper

  1. He looks like Kim Jong Il.

    • He looks like he's just learning to walk.

      • That would be Mr. Rae.

      • He looks drunk.

    • I was going to suggest Jeff Tracy from Thunderbirds (puppet on a string look) or even Dr Evil

  2. All so foolish and embarrassing.

  3. —–Great to see MacLeans have a little fun with the picture of Harper rockin and a rollin.
    It`s ok for Harper to have some fun doing what he enjoys.
    It`s ok for Macleans to show unflattering pictures of him trying to dance.
    But there`s no reason for anyone to be mean about any part of his song and dance act—it`s all just fun.

    • Why goodness no….no one would want to be 'mean' to Harper eh?

    • Except that we pay for his song and dance act every day during QP.

    • Okay, mom.

  4. Maclean's has a Diva Issue?

  5. Steve speaks like a preacher. He has the cadences down pat. Just give him a listen.

  6. Your all just jealous Liberals!

    • You're kidding right? Jealous. You must be a reform con. Your taste in all in your mouth.

    • It's true, but don't expect them to admit to it, while the thumbs down frenzy continues

  7. Harper's Hubris. Should be the caption on that one…we are the laughing stock of the international community. He looks like something out a wannabe Moscow disco bar back in the 1970's….or even better Gerry Falwell on viagra…

    Get rid of this buffoon.
    that can't hold a tune,
    a political fraud,
    Who thinks he's a mod,
    Never get a majority, not even a maybe
    Cuz the wears eyeliner looks like a fat lady

  8. I love it!