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Testosterone levels separate caring fathers from deadbeat dads

Spit analysis offers insight into fidelity


Wondering what kind of father you’ll be? According to a new study, the answer may be in your spit. A team of French and British researchers analyzed the testosterone levels in the saliva of Senegalese villagers, and found that those men with higher levels of the hormone were more likely to cheat of their wives and be involved in marital conflict. A comparison of testosterone levels of polygamous dads, monogamous fathers and unmarried men revealed that those with children had lower levels of the sex hormone than their single counterparts. But those men with multiple wives had higher levels of testosterone than those with only one wife.

New Scientist

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Testosterone levels separate caring fathers from deadbeat dads

  1. But which is the cause and which is the effect? Perhaps the married men with children had the testosterone beat out of them by nagging wives. Plus testosterone in their circumstance would be about as useful as an accordian at a deer hunt so they don't bother to produce much anymore because they don't get much anymore(the most common complaint among married men). Single men on the other hand need lots of testosterone. Cheers

    • True that. It may be a chicken-or-egg thing. I would wager a guess though that it's the testosterone (and perhaps more importantly, the genes behind the higher levels of testosterone) that cause the differences in behaviour. We're not as malleable and as "in control" of our behaviour as we like to think. Much of our character depends on what we inherited, as any identical twins separated at birth could attest to.

  2. Well, chicken and egg…. or maybe just ball and chain….I can see the points of both Raging and Wayne.

    The most powerful asiatic elephants can be tied up with thin nylon ropes onces they're "broken in" and learn not to resist the trainer.

    I can see that with human males too…