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Texas Rep. shouted “baby killer!” during health care debate

Clarifies he meant the bill, not Rep. Bart Stupak


During the debate over the U.S. health-care bill, an unidentified person was heard yelling “baby killer!” at Rep. Bart Stupak, a pro-life Democrat who made a last-minute deal to vote for the bill. The shouter has now been identified as Randy Neugebauer, a Texas Republican. In a statement, Neugebauer said that he was not referring to Stupak as a baby killer but rather saying that the bill itself is a baby killer due to the “tragic consequences it will have for the unborn.” However, Neugebauer has apologized to Stupak for his “inappropriate” remark. Neugebauer is also a sponsor of a bill that would require President Obama to release his birth certificate.

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Texas Rep. shouted “baby killer!” during health care debate

  1. Uh huh. Suuuuure he did.

  2. Shows the mentality of a Republican. Not a single one cared enough about the public that supports them in high fashion voted for the bill. We were very lucky to have Tommy Douglas and I am still thankful to this day.

    • we would probably have some sort of health care even if it wasn't what we have now …i imagine we would have ended up with britain type health care of private and public coexisting..which is what we partially have now with the private steadily growing

  3. hey who wants to bet that this jack@ss at the same time supports capital punishment

    • i wouldn't bet against that.

      also, if the republicans do not severely sanction this member, it is clear how intent on collaboration they really are.

      • it's too bad, whoever is in power gets picked on …the democrats can't go out in the streets and protest because their guy is in power.. i think obama will squeek in again next election but eventually republicans will be back and they will be even more extreme than bush and cheyney and rummy.. but that's not for a long time

        • i agree with you there…once obama is done, the repubs will be back, swinging that axe and sending the u.s. back into the mess that he is trying to fix…

  4. Stupid is as stupid does .
    Reminds me of when Governor Ferguson of Texas who was opposed to Spanish instruction in schools when she said, sic "English was goood enuf for Jesus Christ it is goood enuf for the chill drun of Texas."
    Red neck neo cons scare me. Their opposition to anything that changes the status quo is mind numbing.