Thank you Jaffer: new regulations for lobbyists -

Thank you Jaffer: new regulations for lobbyists

Stockwell Day: Lobbyists must register all government activities in a move for greater transparency


Today, Treasury Board President Stockwell Day announced that lobbyists will face new transparency regulations. The new rules will see lobbyists register when they lobby any member of Parliament, including the opposition’s senior staff in the House of Commons and Senate offices. The Harper government had promised to make changes after former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer approached senior government MPs for federal funding for his private business—Jaffer denies the claim. Previously, lobbyists only needed to report that they lobbied with government ministers, ministers of state and senior bureaucrats. The National Post reported that Day said Canadians expect transparency and that “We want to make sure that message goes through loud and clear, and people understand that members of Parliament and senators are responsible to the citizens of the country, not to special-interest groups.”

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Thank you Jaffer: new regulations for lobbyists

  1. great the lobbyists have to register but the religious fundamentalists get through the door without even having to show ID

  2. Now that Don Newman has become a Liberal Lobbyist with the Blue Sky group, does that mean all contacts with him have to be reported?
    BTW if Mike Duffy is a tory hack does this make Newman a grit hack?
    Now I'll wait for the lefties to twist themselves in knots over this one.

  3. Good for them!

  4. Does Avaaz, funded by Zoros (US billionaire busy body) has to register for lobbying and pressuring the CRTC in banning SUN TV in Canada, have to register under the new law?

  5. Does Jim Flaherty have to disclose his affiliation with the Clowns Canada organization?