“That’s a great segue”


I don’t adore the new Jay-Z album. It starts out pretty strong, and I love the “Run This Town” single (plus the crazy speculation over the masonic symbolism in the video). But I agree with this review — that it would have worked nicely as an EP but it really runs out of gas about six songs in.

But man alive, it’s worth having even a so-so album just to get Jay-Z onto the talk show circuit. He was on Letterman last night, effectively throwing Dave’s shtick back at him. Typical exchange:

DL: What did you do this summer?

JZ: Vacation. Tan.

And check out at 4:30 when he makes fun of Dave for trying to ask about his musical relationship with Beyonce.


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“That’s a great segue”

  1. I'm a freemason. There's no conspiracy. Except the one where we are actually in charge of determining the next election.

    • I'll second that. Thanks for posting it, Andrew!

      • I'll third that. My girlfriend and I were loving it.

  2. Awesome. He's so cool that he's JUST this side of seeming like an ass. Perfect. Great interview.

    • Are you talking about Letterman or Jay-Z? I lover them both.

      Letterman has always been the greatest. Too bad that hump Jay Leno is coming soon.

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