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“That’s a great segue”


I don’t adore the new Jay-Z album. It starts out pretty strong, and I love the “Run This Town” single (plus the crazy speculation over the masonic symbolism in the video). But I agree with this review — that it would have worked nicely as an EP but it really runs out of gas about six songs in.

But man alive, it’s worth having even a so-so album just to get Jay-Z onto the talk show circuit. He was on Letterman last night, effectively throwing Dave’s shtick back at him. Typical exchange:

DL: What did you do this summer?

JZ: Vacation. Tan.

And check out at 4:30 when he makes fun of Dave for trying to ask about his musical relationship with Beyonce.


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“That’s a great segue”

  1. I'm a freemason. There's no conspiracy. Except the one where we are actually in charge of determining the next election.

  2. he was very good on Maher last month.

  3. Best interview on Letterman I've ever seen.

    • I'll second that. Thanks for posting it, Andrew!

      • I'll third that. My girlfriend and I were loving it.

        • You're all most welcome. I can't stop watching it.

  4. That was hilarious.

  5. Awesome. He's so cool that he's JUST this side of seeming like an ass. Perfect. Great interview.

    • Are you talking about Letterman or Jay-Z? I lover them both.

      Letterman has always been the greatest. Too bad that hump Jay Leno is coming soon.