That's one big bill -

That’s one big bill

Carriers look to expand their networks to cameras and cars (and it won’t be free)


There aren’t many people out there anymore who don’t have a cell phone. So wireless companies are looking to expand their networks to one day connect to a whole host of new devices: from cameras and games (like the Nintendo DS) to automobiles and GPS devices. The big focus so far has been on e-readers, like the Kindle. This week, Verizon said it will become the wireless carrier for a rival e-reader from iRex Technologies (part of the electronics giant Royal Philips Electronics). There is one big concern behind this growth: getting consumers to pay for all these communications services. As more and more bits of everyday technology go wireless, people can look forward to some very complex bills.

The Wall Street Journal

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That’s one big bill

  1. on one side you have 3g and 4g cell networks where they want you to pay and on the otherside more and more places you go you can get free wifi … who will win ….some cities in the USA have free wifi for the whole city that case you could even tap into skype and say goodbye to your cell bill