The 12 brands most likely to die before the end of next year

Gap, AIG and Chrysler make the list


After crunching the numbers gleaned from financial reports, 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of the 12 brands most likely to disappear from the commercial landscape before the end of next year. According to the authors, the future isn’t bright for the Saturn and Chrysler brands. Eddie Bauer, Gap (along with its spin-off brands) and Crocs are also on the list. As is the Avis/Budget car rental companies, gadget-maker Palm, one-time insurance giant AIG, Architectural Digest, Esquire, and at least one of the big American airlines round things out.

24/7 Wall St.

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The 12 brands most likely to die before the end of next year

  1. Chrysler’s smallest car is an “almost SUV” looking thing, they deserve to disappear for their short sightedness, others will take thier place.

  2. This article was a huge eye opener. It not all that shocking that Chrysler and Saturn may disappear, of course, but Crocs? Old Navy? Eddie Bauer? Budget Rent-a-Car? I sure didn’t see those coming. These are all very strong brand names. If and when they go out of business, it will further weaken consumer confidence, thus continuing the cycle a little longer…

  3. Dennis, nice to see at least some people like yourself realize this mess will not be over in a couple of fiscal quaters. As I have been saying here before, the excement has yet to fully hit the air conditioning unit. You could fall out of your chair laughing at real estate salesmen and other assorted snake oil peddlers on here earnestly assurring the suckers that the market is simply “recalibrating” and the economy will soon “find it footing”. Ya right. And all those millions of decent jobs they shipped of to third world hell holes are magically going to come back. If anyone believes that I have some swampland in Flordia you may be interested in “investing in”, after all weren’t we told property values could only go one way? What could possibly go wrong? Cheers.

  4. Man, I always thought the way Crocs made you look ridiculous would be what killed that company. I guess some fads need an economic meltdown to finally flush them away.

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