Arctic is permanently warmer, scientists say -

Arctic is permanently warmer, scientists say

Region probably won’t return to its former, colder state


“Return to previous Arctic conditions is unlikely,” according to an international group of scientists from countries including Canada, the U.S., Russia and Denmark, Reuters reports. Conditions there have a powerful impact on weather in middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, where much of the population lives, and last winter’s heavy snows in the U.S., northern Europe and western Asia are linked to higher air temperatures in the Arctic, they found. There is widespread evidence of Arctic warming, they agreed, with surface air temperatures rising above global averages twice as quickly as the rate at lower latitudes, partly because of a process called polar amplification. This is when warming air melts snow and ice, which is white, to show darker water or land, which absorbs heat and speeds the effects of global warming. In the round-the-clock sunlight of Arctic summers, it happens even faster.


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Arctic is permanently warmer, scientists say

  1. Why would that indicate Global warming? Would it more accurate to indicate the continued change of environment going on for 6 million years?

    • sure. 6 million years of infinitesimal change which is so small as to be impossible to measure, and 50 years of changes so great that reflexive consumer dupes of the banking system can pretend nothing is happening. those scientists are obviously lying, right? their vested interest in scaring you is much greater than Dick Cheney's or Monsanto's, or even BP…. who only wish to keep you safe and sound and would never attempt to manipulate your beliefs.

      • Ha, ha "infinitesimal change" ? what are you smoking? To bad you were not here for the last ice age. You would be incased in ice right now. The earth has gone though dramatic climatic change in both directions many times before we were here and will continue to do so after we are long gone. Don't think I will invest in that valuable beach front property on Baffin Island just yet. Cheers.

    • Not really. According to the normal rhythm of the Milankovitch cycles, which has controlled the last 3 million years worth of ice ages, we should actually be slipping out of the Holocene interglacial. The cycle of change in axial precession we're in (the tilt is decreasing) favours colder arctic temperatures.

      At a comparable time in the Eemian/Sangamon stage (the last interglacial) , global temperates were beginning to dip. We really should not be seeing a temperature increase due to natural factors right now.

      • HUH?

        • Yes, that's precisely the problem, thanks for illustrating it so effectively.

      • wayne moores and liminator just got wrecked

        • Oh no we didn't! We can read books and google, among the best! The ability to use the English language to muddle instead of educate is an old trick used, generally by those who don't know, or want to push a certain theory, probably learned in university and never since read another book. Will the shot across the bow hit new ice or old ice?

          • Er, on second thought, after a bit of google, yes, I'm wrecked.

    • I wish people would quit harping on this worn-out piece of misinformation and read some of the excellent literature available on anthropogenic climate change; the evidence is staggering. Perhaps the denial that we are causing this is a form of emotional self-protection but it delays working together to apply some remedial actions. Please people, study for yourselves, no matter how painful, before blurting.

      • I did! I took the time to download and actually read the IPCCs AR4 report when it was released back in 2007. It shoved me from my comfortable position as a climate alarmist to a climate denier. It's been a painful 3 years let me tell you.

  2. A really COOL experiment

    Fill a stubby clear water glass ¾ full of water. Place in the freezer. Next day have a peek. WOW!

    Drill a ¼ inch hole down into the center of ice. Fill that hole with water then put it into the fridge (not freezer). After a couple hours you will notice that water surrounds the berg and the drilled hole of water is frozen solid!

    The ice packs around the world (perma frost) have received jolts of radiation causing internal rot (melting)! Cold of winter does not penetrate this ice.

    • The nuclear Submarine USS Charlotte punched its way up through the Ice in Canada's Arctic to find that the location of the Magnetic North Pole had moved one thousand miles north west towards Russia. Natural Resource Canada monitor by computer guessing and missed all this but they did recently advise that strange things are happening and the latest that they reported was that the pole was moving 85km every 24hrs.

      In my world this is real simple Stuph.

      • Whats happening is this. The Earth in its orbit around the Sun both magnetically interact giving us our Seasons. Normally there are two “dramatic” Earth tippings a year. One in late summer or fall when the Suns north magnetic pole severs with the Earths north magnetic pole and one in late winter or early spring when the Suns south magnetic pole severs with the Earths south magnetic pole.

        The date, time and distance of these tippings (magnetic pole movement) is at this time crucial and I'll explain it this way.

        • When the Earth tipped that one thousand miles it moved the magnetic pole location one thousand miles in the opposite direction moving the Equator (Sun exposure) one thousand miles. Last winter Russia was getting the cold from the closer pole and loosing the heat of Sun exposure. This year its opposite.
          This is real important Stuph and all we need is to have some one monitor these tippings. We would then know what and where crops should be planted, where to plan our skiing etc.
          Like I say we really need some one to take charge and properly monitor Magnetic Pole Movement. Believe me its for the good of OUR WORLD!
 bruce voigt

    • Speaking of ice, I sure would like to be served some ice by that little waitress down by the pool. What a hottie!

      Ban Ki-Moon
      Secretary General UN

  3. Oh well, a chance for the over intelligent.

  4. The ice in the Arctic is not shrinking nearly as fast as the credibility of Global Warming Scientists.

    • That is true! If you look the number of experts who would look like fools if dealing in facts instead of theories. If not knowledgeable about a subject just check who are for it and their reason why, such as Suzuki, Gore, Clinton, Lewis, cretien, Maurice Strong, and a bunch of other evil doers. If they are for it, forget it.

      • Hey don't kid yourself, if Steve Harper wins a Tory majority we will have cap&Trade shoved down our throats. It will not matter who wins a majority in ottawa, when a majority is finally achieved, the government will not be able to resist the money generated by a carbon maket. When we give party a majority we give them a 5 year long dictarorship. If I could vote for the BQ I would, just to keep this minority government.

  5. On the other hand-

    Paper: Current Arctic Sea Ice is More Extensive than Most of the past 9000 Years

    Abstract: Cores from site HLY0501-05 on the Alaskan margin in the eastern Chukchi Sea were analyzed for their geochemical (organic carbon, d13Corg, Corg/N, and CaCO3) and palynological (dinocyst, pollen, and spores) content to document oceanographic changes during the Holocene. The chronology of the cores was established from 210Pb dating of nearsurface sediments and 14C dating of bivalve shells. The sediments span the last 9000 years, possibly more, but with a gap between the base of the trigger core and top of the piston core. Sedimentation rates are very high (*156 cm/ka), allowing analyses with a decadal to centennial resolution. The data suggest a shift from a dominantly terrigenous to marine input from the early to late Holocene. Dinocyst assemblages are characterized by relatively high concentrations (600– 7200 cysts/cm3) and high species diversity, allowing the use of the modern analogue technique for the reconstruction of sea-ice cover, summer temperature, and salinity. Results indicate a decrease in sea-ice cover and a corresponding, albeit much smaller, increase in summer sea-surface temperature over the past 9000 years. Superimposed on these long-term trends are millennial-scale fluctuations characterized by periods of low sea-ice and high sea-surface temperature and salinity that appear quasi-cyclic with a frequency of about one every 2500–3000 years. The results of this study clearly show that sea-ice cover in the western Arctic Ocean has varied throughout the Holocene. More importantly, there have been times when sea-ice cover was less extensive than at the end of the 20th century.

    • Excellent climate denial abstract. Whoever wrote that must not be concerned about thier funding vanishing. The climate scare is over.

    • finally, an truly educated comment.

  6. No carbon taxes

  7. Climate Change has taught me this: I now have about as much respect for scientists and journalists, as I do for politicians and abusive priests. Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 24 years of climate crisis warnings. Nice! History is watching.
    Scientists not only polluted the planet with their chemicals, they also produced cruise missiles, cancer causing chemicals, land mine technology, nuclear weapons, germ warfare, strip mining technology, deep sea drilling technology and now climate change.
    Don't forget, you doomers scared my kids with needless panic and if you still think the VOTERS will allow this insanity, YOU are the new denier.
    Get ahead of the curve because history is calling climate change modern day witch burning.

  8. Climate hucksters want you to open your wallet, not your mind. Don't believe the hype.

  9. Yes, permanently warmer, just like everything else on the planet is permanent…sheesh.

  10. Welcome to the new resort destination, frolick with penguins and elephant seals, see them shed their feathers and fur to sun bath. As I see it, it is good to have a healthy dose of environmentalism to keep our environment tolerable, breathable and livable. Having said that, the earth has been warming up even before people, its farting, and its crapping imploded. It is a natural life cycle of any planet. Instead, it would really be abnormal to expect a planet to remain stagnant.

  11. For one thing, history has shown us that the only thing more unpredictable than the climate is the credibility of so called climate scientists and experts. Secondly who gives a crap whether or not the arctic returns to its' former colder state, what purpose would that serve? Please don't say that all of the polar bears are going to die off either.

  12. P.S.) By choosing to use the word "permanently" in the title of this entry, the author of this entry generated a whopper of far, far, FAR greater magnitude than either the Reuters "journalist" or the NOAA "scientist". Although it is clear that both the "journalist" and the "scientist" wanted people to falsely draw this conclusion, both the "journalist" and the "scientist" were very careful to never use the word "permanently". The "scientist" surely knows better. The "journalist" may or may not. Never underestimate the ignorance of "journalists" who report on science.