The attack of the traffic cameras

And Joe Public is fighting back


The use of traffic cameras is exploding in the U.S. There are now over 3,000 of them being used to catch red-light runners and speeders. For drivers, it’s stoking a lot of anger. Residents in one town in Illinois recently boycotted a mall until a camera at its entrance, which was being used to catch people making rolling right turns on a red, was removed. In Arizona, one man was arrested for attacking a camera with a pick axe. Some have labelled the use of these cameras a budget gimmick. While they’re almost universally hated, they do bring in much-needed revenue for the municipalities that use them.

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The attack of the traffic cameras

  1. I always love the phrase “much-needed revenue”, as though the money raised by these cameras will go to paying for life-saving operations or nurses for sick children, instead of supporting the acres of waste that make up most municipal spending.

  2. Nobody likes traffic tickets, including me, but it’s a heck of a lot better than having the death of another human being on my conscience because I happened to be driving too fast and lost control or went through a red light. And if it takes traffic cameras to remind me to drive responsibly instead of like a life-threatening idiot then I’m okay with that. People taking their frustration out on the cameras are totally missing the point, which is too bad, because next time it may be they who’ll be broadsided by some idiot.

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