“The Baryshnikov of the hockey rink”


This is the best thing ever. In the seventies, Guy Lafleur released an album of hockey exercises set to disco music. They had the launch party at Regine’s in Montreal. Everyone showed up. The record cost $100k, but it was worth it, since it combined, according the CBC reporter, “two of the most powerful trends in our society: sports, and disco.”



“The Baryshnikov of the hockey rink”

  1. On the day of the death of The Coalition, first Wells now Potter, decide to post on the most inane topics imaginable. Potter has won that particular little duel.

    This video does bring back fond memories though of the days when the CBC camera crew would scan a given audience and zero in on the hotties in the crowd, like the guy behind the camera does here at 2:11 in the clip. Today they’d get taken to the woodshed for such conduct.

  2. Jarrid, the “coalition” died weeks ago. Lighten up a little bit.

  3. Though you did make a good point about the hotties. In France, they still do that. If there is one hottie in the crowd, the camera will zoom in on her – even if it’s an emergency press conference on rioting youth or something. They’ll zoom right in on the one hot reporter with the cleavage, dutifully scribbling in her notebook, before panning back out again to take a wider sweep of the crowd. It’s all so professional that you hardly realize what the cameraman just did.