The best universities to work at -

The best universities to work at

Dalhousie, Alberta crack the Top 10 list


The Scientist magazine polled more than 2,000 researchers and academics with permanent jobs at academic institutions, hospitals, government bodies, or research organizations, to find out the best places to work. Two Canadian schools cracked their Top 10 list for universities outside the U.S.—and both might come as something of a surprise. The most prestigious schools—Montreal’s McGill, University of Toronto, University of British
Columbia—didn’t make it. Instead, Edmonton’s University of Alberta holds down sixth place and Halifax’s Dalhousie University ranked tenth. The survey was paid close attention to the sorts of things that scientists, rather than say, their students, care most about—job satisfaction, research resources and pay were among the factors probed in the survey.

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The best universities to work at

  1. Good news, Jack Mitchell!

  2. Seems to be specific to the Life Sciences for some reason.

    • The Scientist has a Life Science focus, responses were solicited through its web page.

  3. Great pay, great benefits, can't get fired, don't have to work very hard – thanks to all the money they take from the rest of us – all universities are good places to 'work'.

  4. U of A is one of the worst places to work at.