The buck stops, er... there -

The buck stops, er… there

Alberta health minister lets province’s top doc take the blame for H1N1 fiasco


No province has done a poorer job of communicating and organizing its H1N1 vaccination clinics than Alberta, which stopped administering doses over the weekend and still hasn’t put a firm date on when clinics will reopen. First, Premier Ed Stelmach and Health Minister Ron Liepert delivered competing, contradictory messages on who should queue for the vaccine. Then, Albertans followed the premier’s directive and showed up in droves to get their shots. But now, Alberta Liberal leader David Swann (who is a doctor) is calling for Liepert’s resignation and Dr. Andre Corriveau, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, insists he made all the calls. Says Liepert of Swann: “He is obviously challenging the credibility of our chief medical officers of health, and […] I find that a little offensive.”

Calgary Herald

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The buck stops, er… there

  1. No, he's challenging the government's credibility, most specifically the Health Minister's. Of course the health minister, having not quite managed to finish high school, might not have the necessary skills for figuring that out.
    Or maybe he's just one of those people – I like to call them 'jerks' – who's perfectly happy to collect all the perks of a sweet job like his, but is quick to take offence when someone points out there are responsibilities that come with it.

  2. My wife donated to the Wildrose party because we couldn't get shots for our three kids. The PCs have blown it.

    • Did you and your wife vote in the last election? If not it sounds like you are ready to next time. Do you know what the Wildrose Alliance is saying about how they would manage this but more specifically Health Care as a whole? About 60% of Albertans did not vote in the last provinical election. We as a population have forgotten that we get to chose our government. That being said…I hope you are successful in getting your kids and yourselves vaccinated. This is your right!