The Canadian economy added 52,100 jobs in September, five times more than expected -

The Canadian economy added 52,100 jobs in September, five times more than expected


OTTAWA – Canada’s domestic economy turned in one of the strongest job creation months of the year in September, adding an eye-popping 52,100 new jobs that was five times more than economists expected.

The gain was the third biggest of the year and surprised the experts, which had expected a 10,000 pick-up.

But in another surprise, it wasn’t enough to put a dent in the unemployment rate, which actually edged up one-tenth of a point to 7.4 per cent. That’s because while thousands of Canadians found work in September, even more — 72,600 — joined the labour force.

Still, the pop in new jobs was unexpected given that most economic indicators of the past few months have presented a picture of a domestic economy struggling to maintain momentum amid the general slowdown around the world, particularly the United States, Europe and China.

September’s increase brought year-over-year job creation to 175,000.

The report was even stronger than August’s 34,000 jobs increase, which were all part-time.

Last month, the vast majority were full-time and all in the private sector, although roughly two-thirds were in the self-employment category — jobs that economists say are often lower-paying and less productive.

Statistics Canada said most of the new jobs were taken by workers in the core 25-54 age group, and mostly by men in the first notable increase in employment by men since March of last year.

“With this increase, the employment level for core-aged men is back to its pre-recession peak of October 2008,” the agency said, although the rate of employment remains slightly below that of four years ago.

Regionally, most of the action occurred in Ontario, which saw an increase of 31,600 jobs. Quebec and Manitoba also saw gains.

Statistics Canada said the biggest gains occurred in the retail and wholesale trade sectors, which saw some 34,000 jobs created, while the number of construction jobs rose by 29,000, which has been weak in recent months.

Work in the information, culture and recreation industries saw an increase of about 24,000, and there were about 8,700 new agriculture jobs in the month.

Detracting from the positives were the loss of 19,000 workers in a general category called other services, and a 17,000 decrease in business, building and other support services.

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The Canadian economy added 52,100 jobs in September, five times more than expected

  1. No reason not to keep Mr. Harper… he is doing a fine job…

    We will trade you for Obama over here in the US.

    • Take him. Please. No doubt he has a much greater affection for your country than ours:

      Harper on America and Republicans: “Your country and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world.”

      Harper on Canada and Canadians: “Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status.”

      • I’m English…

        Your Mr. Harper is doing a really impressive job in Canada.

        Your unemployment is very low comparatively and your national debt as a percentage of GDP has improved greatly.

        Sodom Hussein Obama is just a lawn jockey for the global welfare plantation of the EUSSR, which is failing miserably.

        I would suppose you socialist idiots think it is a good idea to emulate Europe and riot over trivial things like a hockey game in Vancouver, or a stupid video on YouTube, killing ambassadors, etc., instead of actually working for a living.

        • If you are English, why did you say “We will trade you for Obama over here in the US.”?

          Our “national debt as a percentage of GDP has improved greatly.” From which two points are you making the comparison? I didn’t look it up before commenting, but I’m pretty sure it has actually risen since Harper took over from the Liberals.

          The Libs were regularly posting surpluses and paying down the national debt, dramatically improving the ratio from when they took over from the Mulroney PCs.

          Under Harper, we have been posting deficits since 2008, so our debt is now once again on the rise. I’d be very surprised if our GDP growth has been outpacing the growth of debt.

          • Your economy has grown as well as your debt…

            With Sodom Hussein Obama and the EUSSR the economy has shrunk but the debt just keeps increasing.

            You are insane to suggest the economic model based on an exponential growth curve can expand indefinitely, it’s failure is a mathematical certainty…

          • And where did I ever suggest an economic growth curve will expand indefinitely? I’ve always spent within my means and expect my government to do the same.

            Harper cut taxes while increasing spending before the recession, and continues to dig us deeper into the hole. We are nowhere near being in the mess the US or EU are – yet – but our relative economic strength is despite, rather than because of, the actions of our current government.

          • Bloody nonsense…

            Your Canadian conservatives are what British Conservatives should be.

            All your leftist blather leads exactly to where the EUSSR is today.

          • If you want ’em you can have ’em. And good riddance!

            I don’t see how advocating balanced budgets and paying down debt as I did would result in the kind of economic tailspin we are seeing in the EU or the US though. It’s exactly because the Liberals did so that Canada is still in as good shape financially as it is.

            But each year the CPC keeps digging that hole deeper…

  2. Whenever there is good economic news, Conservatives say it’s all because of Harper’s superior economic management skills. (Of course, they wouldn’t be able to say what policy got the desired result. Their corporate tax cuts, for example, are supposed to “create jobs” and boost productivity as businesses invest in productivity-boosting equipment; but corporations are hoarding money, not investing it, and productivity growth is at all time lows.)

    Whenever there is bad economic news, however, conservatives tend to say government has no influence over the economy… (or it’s not their fault: it’s the eurozone crisis or corporations hoarding their tax cuts…)

    In any case, the Conservatives are married to the economy now. If it goes down in flames Harper will have a much harder time weaseling his way out than he did weaseling his way in…

    • The growth of public debt is not economic growth.

        • Economic growth is not the growth of public debt…

          That is why you leftists were tossed out of power in Canada