The case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the parking lot fridge magnets


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While the big political story in the country Tuesday was a Liberal election victory in B.C., a much smaller scene played out in Toronto the same evening, as reporters followed Mayor Rob Ford around a suburban church parking lot as the mayor of Canada’s biggest city slapped fridge magnets adorned with his name and phone number on parked cars.

Though the next Toronto election isn’t until 2014, Ford appeared to get a very early start on campaigning when he left a community council meeting in Etobicoke, a west-of-downtown part of the city, to plaster cars with fridge magnets that read “Rob Ford Mayor.”

Inside, residents were discussing a proposed highrise condo development called Humbertown, which many in the community objected to, saying it didn’t mesh with their suburban neighbourhood.

While it’s possible that Ford just had some leftover magnets from the 2010 campaign that he wanted to get rid of, his actions attracted the attention of journalists inside the meeting. Toronto Star city reporter Daniel Dale writes:

“When a reporter told Ford that some people might find his behaviour strange, he retorted that some people find the reporter strange. Magnets in hand, he made no further comment.”

Ford did take a moment to speak with journalists as they followed him around the parking lot. According to a report in The Globe and Mail, he told them: “This isn’t downtown, this is Etobicoke. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Humbertown .… We cannot let these developers come in and bully us.”

Both Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, live in Etobicoke.

Ford was aided in his magnet-blanketing by David Price, reports The Star, his recently hired director of operations and logistics, who was also his high school football coach at one time. Price also ran interference as journalists followed Ford to ask just what he was doing and why he wasn’t listening to the depositions that he had, presumably, attended the community meeting to hear.

Ford later returned to the meeting, where he spoke against the development.

UPDATE: Some of Ford’s magnets appeared on the magnet black market Wednesday morning, in an ad on Kijiji hawking “Official Mayor Rob Ford Car Magnets – Like New!”

The description of the two magnets reads: “Pair of very lightly used Rob Ford car magnets (may also double as a fridge magnet but no promises). Hand installed by The Mayor himself last night at the Humbertown redevelopment meeting in Etobicoke. Will happily trade for one iota of progress on The City’s transit file.”

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The case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the parking lot fridge magnets

  1. ford has too much time on his hands. I hope he doesn’t think the average church goer is going to vote for him, when he’s going around promoting his casino pet project.

    • Of course the average church goer will vote for him – they already believe in an all-powerful sky zombie. How hard a stretch is it to support Ford?

      • The religious groups in TO are amongst some of the loudest opposition to ford’s casino. Trust me, when I say he’s shot himself in the foot, as far as they’re concerned.

        • When the Interfaith Statement Against a Casino In Toronto (250 faith leaders from practically all the major faiths) came out, Ford’s response was to dismiss the statement as “emotional or partisan rhetoric, [not based] on facts.”(Rob Ford Open Letter April 7) In doing so he ignored the testimonies of many faith leaders who have had to deal with the aftermath of gambling addiction in their communities. When that any faiths agree on one thing, it is folly to write them off, as Ford did.

    • No. The reporter who wrote this story, and the ones who apparently found the time to follow him around a parking lot as he distributed fridge magnets, clearly have too much time on *their* hands.

      Seriously. Who cares? Are you all so desperate for a Rob Ford hit piece that *this* is all you’ve got?


      • When the mayor is wasting taxpayers time and the news catch him wasting that time, they’re doing their job. Why wasn’t ford?

        • Really? Are you on duty for your job 24/7 as well?

          This was a local community meeting. The mayor was not required or obligated to be there.

          The news wasn’t “catching” him do anything other than campaigning on his own time. This is stalking, plain and simple.

          • The Twin Mayors keep braying that Rob Ford spends his evenings on city business. You can’t have it both ways and claim his appearance, speech, and listening to deputations – as mayor – were done during the private time of Rob Ford, citizen.

          • I never said he was supposed to be at the meeting. The news was already there, which was likely why ford picked that place to hand out magnets. I’m saying ford should have been using his time to something more beneficial, than leaving garbage stuck to people’s cars. Maybe he should go coach a football team, or something. Oh, wait, he tried that and pissed everyone else off, already. Also, ford’s attendance at city hall has been slipping, more and more. Yet he has times to hand out trinkets.

            Seriously, who likes finding promotional material stuck to their car?

  2. Rob Ford: ‘The Prince of Putzylvania’

  3. Rob Ford – part-time mayor, full-time schmuck.

    • His role as a mayor is hardly part time. More like a casual hobby these days.

  4. Thanks for the entertainment Toronto! Now, why don’t you see about getting your guy a good psychologist.

    • I’ll pay for the straight jacket, if that will help.

  5. This is an individual who is losing it.

    • What’s nuts is that the Toronto Star actually hires a “reporter” to stalk the mayor 24/7. Following him into a parking garage? Really?

      • Better than a paparazzi gig. Like it or not, ford being mayor means his personal life is open to public scrutiny. Most employers keep close tabs on employees, through the internet. Not to mention, ford has painted a large bullseye on his back, that makes him an easy target for scandals.

        • “ford being mayor means his personal life is open to public scrutiny”.

          Oh really? Then why are you crying about the attack ads against Trust Fund Trudeau being “bullying”?

          Typical Socialist, one set of rules for you, another set for everybody else. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

  6. Dalton McGuinty pissed away a half a billion dollars attempting to secure his re-election, yet somehow the Toronto Star has it’s TMZ crew stalking the mayor of Toronto around, attempting to make fridge magnets a “scandal”.

    Ontario’s really got it’s priorities figured out. I’m sure that place will be just fine.

  7. A meeting with concerned citizens over a potential condo development. Ford is running around a parking lot putting magnets on cars. This is beyond embarrassing.

  8. So The Teflon Blob hates graffiti but thinks it’s alright to run around, on the taxpayers dime yet, tagging cars with his Rob Ford magnets?

  9. Fridge magnets on cars….the jokes write themselves.

  10. OHHHHH, well OF COURSE – he was smoking CRACK! We really should have seen the warning signs….

  11. I had no idea Toronto had hired itself a stand up comedian to be mayor. The guy is beyond funny.

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