The David Beckham experiment: an epic failure

Soccer star seems headed back to Europe


Two years after a splashy North American entry, British soccer star David Beckham seems set to take his ball and move back to Europe, hoping to rejuvenate his career with AC Milan. But as this LA Times story points out, for all the hype and money surrounding “Becks” and his wife Victoria aka Posh Spice, they were hardly a success. Soccer remains a “second tier” sport in the US (kind of like hockey,) and it seems that only the L.A. paparazzi will be sad to see the couple go.

Los Angeles Times

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The David Beckham experiment: an epic failure

  1. Failure! How so he has made a bundle on gullible investors thinking that he could revolutionize Soccer. Gimme a break Soccer and Hockey in the States will always be second tier.

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