The day so far: Rob Ford defies troubled city councillors

Also: Supreme Court hears Senate reform arguments, and robocalls trial continues


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The number of city councillors who signed an open letter asking the mayor to take a leave of absence.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to purchasing illegal drugs.


“Have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?” —Toronto City Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

“Yes, I have.” —Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


Rob Ford: The spectacle continues. This morning, Ford took a grilling from many of Toronto’s city councillors. The impetus was a motion, forwarded by Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, that asked Ford to take a leave of absence. Councillors repeatedly pelted him with questions about whether or not he’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, and whether or not he’s sought professional help, and whether or not he understands why people might be concerned.

At one point, quasi-Ford ally Giorgio Mammoliti, a city councillor who sat beside the mayor, appeared to attempt a one-man intervention. Ford did admit to purchasing illegal drugs, and did say he’d “talked to professionals”—without elaborating on which professionals, in particular. As the lunch hour loomed, Ford and his brother Doug heckled Minnan-Wong. When Rob attempted to confront Minnan-Wong, Doug held him back.

Senate reform: The Supreme Court is hearing a second day of arguments related to its Senate reform reference. This morning, lawyers from British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Francophone groups have made their cases to the Supremes. The Toronto Star‘s Tonda MacCharles is tweeting (with only the briefest of pauses).

Robocalls: This morning, media outlets are challenging a publication ban related to the trial of Michael Sona, a former Conservative staffer who stands accused of participating in a scheme to misdirect voters in Guelph, Ont., during the 2011 federal election. The proceedings are ongoing inside an Ottawa courtroom just a few blocks from the Supreme Court. The CBC’s Laura Payton is tweeting.


The day so far: Rob Ford defies troubled city councillors

  1. I really don’t know this guy personally, but who isn’t on drugs these days in 2013? I mean you have to be on something to be able to conceive and accept all the flaws of todays society. I saw ”hypocrite” (speaking of Ford) written on a wall next to town hall along with other slander. I wonder who is the hypocrite here when a lot of professionals, from garbage men up to lawyers and judges all over the country who consume illegal and legal drugs on regular basis and admit it as there was no issue. Hey, even our ex prime minister Chrétien admitted of smoking marijuana before AND told the public that when he stepped down from office he would roll up a fatty and smoke it with one hand and hold up the fine money in the other, this was filmed nonetheless, on purpose! Why didn’t he get heat for this? Maybe it has to do with him being in the Desmarais family?…. It’s obvious that someone is holding a grudge against Rob Ford because now we have alleged drinking and driving mixed up with hanging around a prostitute. Anyways back to the drug story. What’s the problem? EVERYBODY DOES IT at one point in time and if you did not yet, well you should try it before bashing it, then you will see that it isn’t so ”bad” after all. What i’m trying to say is that a lot of ”legal” drugs are more dangerous and create a stronger dependency than many if not all ”illegal” drugs, and yet the ”legal” drugs are sold by the tons……and they have taxes attached to them….so who is the hypocrite?

    • Ummm…….Party on, Wayne?

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