The defence minister’s NATO offensive

Peter MacKay’s hometown paper’s take


Peter MacKay has come perilously close to openly campaigning for the sort of job a politician is supposed to lay back and let come to him. But the defence minister’s pitch to become NATO’s next secretary general appears to enjoy powerful Washington support. This story from MacKay’s hometown paper survey’s the subtle moves that make him a contender for a position that could take him from Ottawa to Brussels.

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The defence minister’s NATO offensive

  1. Wow – who would have thought when this idea was first floated awhile back I thought to myself it was just usual political white noise but not anymore. Between the possibility of this and as well the seat on the security council I would say our international status is certainly improving. Cudos for MacKay what a feather in the cap if we get this one and that’s for sure.

  2. Maybe just the first example of a conservative rat abandoning a sinking ship. Get the good jobs now before the next election put you on the opposition benches if your lucky enough to win your own riding. Without Dion to give Elizabeth May a free ride, Mckay’s own riding is very much in play.

  3. I’m not sure if its better that we get Mackay out of Canada, or foist him on NATO.

    • What about sending Dion and Iggy to the UN?

      • What about sending Dion and Iggy to the UN?

        Indeed. Good eye, Bruce.

  4. canada serves a useful purpose, Nato does not. He can do no damage there.

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