The Devil Wears Bauer


New Dallas Star, Sean Avery’s stint as a Vogue fashion intern is being made into a movie. (A rom com!)

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The Devil Wears Bauer

  1. Little known fact: Avery has already taken a turn on the silver screen. he was Bob “Killer” Dill of the New York Rangers in The Rocket, the Maurice Richard biopic.

    A bunch of players appeared as extras in the movie, which is arguably the best serious hockey movie ever made (the hockey actually looks like hockey, and they literally choreographed some of the major on-ice incidents in the Rocket’s career).

    Avery, with his scarred lip and cold stare, was impressive on screen. Equally well cast was Mike Ricci as the the nebbish Elmer Lach. And he actually had lines.

  2. I didn’t know that; thanks. I keep meaning to find “Boys on the Bus,” which follows the Oilers in the 86-7 season. I’ve never seen it.

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