The difference between Loblaw and La Senza -

The difference between Loblaw and La Senza

The grocery chain pulls sexy ads for its Joe Fresh line


Consumer backlash and questions from a newspaper have prompted retailing giant Loblaw to pull a flier for Joe Fresh “underthings” from circulation. An Ottawa Citizen columnist weighs in on why shoppers expect something different from what they still think of as a grocery store than what, say, Victoria’s Secret can do without raising a fuss. But should Loblaw be limited by its traditional product lines? The Joe Fresh line, which in three short years has vaulted to second spot among Canadian clothing brands, is no small matter for Loblaw.

The Ottawa Citizen

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The difference between Loblaw and La Senza

  1. I guess the old bats pushing their walkers around the store getting in everyone’s way must have little else to do, plus it was a slow news day. All I can say is thank God we don’t live in Afganistan. Lablaw’s should have held their ground. The only people who would have boycotted the stores are old goats who don’t buy anything anyway but just hang around the store all day because they have nothing else to do. My wife and I both pick up clothing there for the simple reason that the quality is there, styling is there, and prices are fantastic. Lablaws beats the living crap out of dingy Walmart. This is a major Canadian success story that should be talked about more. Why Canadian “sheep” trudge of to depressing American retailers is beyond me. I have yet to find anything cheaper at Walmart that I can’t get for the same price at Lablaws, Sobeys, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware ot Zeller’s. Ironically, Walmart’s clothing usually looks like it was produced in an Eastern European Communist state in the 1970’s. And lasts about as long as well.Cheers.

    • Spoken like a true Loblaw’s employee….keep drinkin the kool-aid Joe!!…The reason people buy ‘Joe’ brand is becasue it’s so cheap….like the furniture they sell and Superstore!