The Olympics worst-dressed list (UPDATED)

PHOTO GALLERY: The ugliest team uniforms we’ve seen at the Vancouver Games



The Olympics worst-dressed list (UPDATED)

  1. Those judges are as bad as those judges in the woman's half-pipe. It's insulting for the bigger picture, there were no worst, that's a terrible contest, who is approving or running this show. And who dropped the 2:1 ratio, 6 foot high equals 12 foot down the pipe. It should be the skiers telling the non-skiing judges how to rate the criteria.

  2. I dont think we or anyone should judge the dress of Athletics,If their country decides on dress code,then okay.A little colourrful with checks etc is great and provides a bit of of interest among us.

  3. To tell u the truth we were disappointed to hear of any critiszm of any Olympians uniforms and outfits. The Olympians all deserve nothing but good comments for all their efforts. Come on let’s be gracious Canadians. If we can’t say something nice let’s shut our mouths. Critiszm of the costumes in the figure skating was especially disapointing.

  4. Why don't you stuff your "fuddy duddy" atitudes up where the sun doesn't shine. We all need a bit of colour!

    Disastrous? Try reading some more world news and then you will find some real disasters!

    Macleans…You make this your cover page?…How sleazy! This is just akin to the Brit Journalists slagging our Games.

  5. The only one of the six I could agree with is the Canadian Speedskating uniforms; what's with the plastic covered thighs? (at first I thought it might be in case they had to go to the bathroom mid race).

    The others add some awesome colour and show a little bit of personality.

    Lighten up Macleans, your irrelevance is beginning to show.

  6. What a intelligent comment. A bit of reading on why, which was explained on C.T.V. and you could see the reason. Also the
    plastic covered thighs caused some whining from other Olympians as being an unfair advantage to helping them win.

  7. I never thought these uniforms are ugly. They certainly caught my eyes, but doesn't this simply mean these uniforms are successfully serving their purpose – differentiate and/or draw attentions to each team? "Ugly" or "worst-dressed" is not really relevanr here.

  8. Way, way out of line. These athletes have worked hard, they're ambassadors for their countries, they're guests in ours … our job is to welcome them graciously and help them to enjoy themselves and compete their best. Not to sit in judgement … shame on you!

  9. Well Macleans, you certainly don't represent the opinions of all Canadians here. I am proud to be Canadian and I agree with these people's comments. If there were a medal to be given for the most irrelevant and immature headline I am sure you would get a gold for it. Great job on making Canada look bad. As our media it is your job to represent Canada the way we truly are and instead you are making Canada look bad. You honestly think that this is what the world today wants to read? Personally, I would much rather read about the athletes and their inspiring stories. Sheesh, get a life!

    • I AGREE. Who are we to decide what an olympian should wear? How unfortunate that we look so shallow and small.The olympics are a time to praise ALL the participants! GO OLYMPIANS GO!

  10. "Critiszm of the costumes in the figure skating was especially disapointing".

    The need for 'criticism of the spelling in the comment was especially disappointing'.

  11. Come on MacLean's, the athletes are the best in the world. Your “Hollywood criticism” is in bad taste. We are the host country – what are you thinking?

  12. So much for the spirit of the Olympics. Patricia Treble get a grip. I loved the funky pants and furry hats. As to the short jackets drawing attention to muscled butts and thighs – loved that too. USA boarding jackets – plaid is IN dude. This isn't Project Runway. What a waste of a photo spread.

  13. you should be ashamed of yourself, MacLeans..So Small..

  14. This is clearly an attempt to get some added hits on their webpage. I've heard nothing but praises for the Norwegian panty-stunt, and I'm sure the author also have picked up on this.
    No worries tho Canadians. You're hosting a marvellous event, and you're coming across as a humble and gracious nation.
    Big ups!

  15. How could you forget women's gold lame speed skating uniforms of Japan, and the star-covered "footie-pajamas" worn by Team USA's freestyle skiers?

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