The drag queens and Hedy Fry


Liberal MP Hedy Fry’s Vancouver riding is in the heart of the city’s gay village. Here is Fry is with some of the city’s drag queens, many of whom know her well.

Fry with Joan-E, the drag host of Bingo for Life, an AIDS fundraiser at the Majestic bar.

Hedy Fry shows off the red stairs in her office.

And the décor.

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The drag queens and Hedy Fry

  1. She is my MP! We love her.

  2. Hedy is one of the gutsiest women in Canadian politics. Regardless of how you feel about the Liberals it is very hard to argue that Hedy Fry has been anything but exemplary about representing her constituents. Hedy Fry has been in the trenches as a physician in the West End, she ‘gets’ what is going on. Fingers crossed she takes it!

  3. Of course the drag queens love her: she’s one herself.

    Do nothing MP. All hat no cattle.She argued against same-sex marriage….until the courts ruled otherwise. She was ineffective getting access to HIV meds for persons nearing death wanting to try experimental treatments. And she’s been very cavalier about homelessness.

    I like Dion, but she needs to go…

  4. With respect, I have to disagree.

    Hedy Fry had been a physician with a busy practice that had many gay and lesbian patients. She absolutely pushed for equal rights for gays and lesbians and I have never heard, read or seen anything to the contrary. Further, her reluctance with experimental treatments for AIDS patients is a result of her medical background, she knows what works and what doesn’t and the sad fact is that, as patients near death, there is nothing left to be done.

    I don’t think homelessness can be blamed on Fry, that goes down to the municipal joke that is Sam Sullivan.

    Finally, Hedy has been a real advocate for doctors, nurses, various medical staff and most especially medical students (both in school and aspiring)…nobody in Ottawa gives a damn about getting this country the medical staff it needs desperately as our population ages. Dr. Hedy Fry is the only one to my knowledge who has spoken out about the ludicrous student loan structure facing medical students and the lack of space within medical schools.

    Give ’em hell Hedy, Vancouver Center needs you! Canada needs you too!

  5. Hedy is fantastic. I love her, and so do many others. That’s why she’s won for 15 years. Anyone who lives downtown Vancouver respects her because she deserves it. Her heart is always in the right place, and you can feel that.

  6. Speak for yourself.

    Hedy Fry is a useless politician who has never done anything for the vast majority of residents in her riding. Being the media whore that she is, she's always willing to participate in a photo-op with her band of transvestites, but what has she done for the rest of us???

    And before the criticisms start, I am an OUT GAY MAN and I am sorry, Hedy is not loved by all residents in her community, far from it. Only one voice is allowed in the Gay Media and that is that we all love the liberal party

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