The dubious award-winners hall of fame -

The dubious award-winners hall of fame

From Barack Obama’s Nobel to Kevin Costner’s Oscar, these prizes have raised a few eyebrows



The dubious award-winners hall of fame

  1. They really gave the NPP to Arafat and Kissinger, i'd forgotten? Someone once said that Kissinger winning was the death of satire.'

    • Yes, He got it, Kissinger that is.That is why the NPP is such a colossal waste of time and is now considered a farce. They have managed to hamstring Obama, whatever he does now will be under much scrutiny.

  2. This article is as dubious as some of the awards it lists. I recognize that there is controversy surrounding the recent NPP being awarded to Obama, but this "journalism" reads like the back page of a low-end entertainment magazine. Comparing Obama's international politics to the author's taste in music or their preference of tv actors? I would have expected a more intelligent argument from Macleans.

  3. The Nobel Committee lives on Mars for sure; the Entertainment awards are all fixed and are focused on poularity masquerading under the guise of talent.

  4. I cannot for the life of me understand why "Two and a Half Men" is so popular – it is so predictable, NOT funny; but in my humble opinion John Cryer is probably the best on the show (doesn't say much). Probably the worst sit-com I've ever watched!

  5. Denzel Washington winning an Oscar for Training Day over Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind was another doozy.

  6. All accurate. It is a shame. But please tell me where I can find a jazz CD by Pia Zadora. She can actually sing jazz.

  7. Years ago my entire work unit of 9 people went to take a multiple choice test for the title in which we all worked at that time. ,