The failures of capitalism have their rewards.

More than 2,000 companies and municipalities have hired lobbyists since the election


The U.S. Government’s mind-boggling $787 billion economic stimulus package and $3.6 trillion hard times budget have spawned growth in at least one sector—lobbying. The Washington Post reports that more than 2,000 companies, municipalities and associations have hired D.C. Lobbyists since the Nov. election. “We’re busy as bees out here,” says one trade association. “Making honey.”

The Washington Post

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The failures of capitalism have their rewards.

  1. I have always said that the result of “stimulus spending” is that it will mostly go to fat men in suits who already received a cheque from the government in the good times.

  2. You what “sucks”? Socialism.

    You know what else “sucks”? Capitalism.

    You know what’s perfect? The centre. The middle ground. Let’s find it.

    • 17th century Tories?

  3. Also busy – lawyers.

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