The fake lake is officially unveiled -

The fake lake is officially unveiled

Journalists finally get a peek at what $57,000 bought the federal government


Journalists covering the G20 summit were finally given a peek at the fake lake in that has stirred so much controversy in Ottawa over the past month. The shallow pool inside the summit media centre is meant to simulate the scene in Huntsville, where the G8 is being held, and cost the government $57,000 to build. The exhibit also features a wooden deck, Muskoka chairs and stacked canoes, and is part of a $1.9 million tourism pavilion called Experience Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called the pavilion a “$2-million marketing project.”

CBC News

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The fake lake is officially unveiled

  1. Glorious. Macleans needs to make sure that the cost of the pool is isolated to make Harper look better.

    I don't really care what the specific elements costs, the entire thing is a waste of money and it's simply pathetic to argue that it isn't.

    Macleans must not think very highly of its readers…

    • What are you talking about "make him look better"? MacLeans is being droll, get with it. It's like watching Basil Fawlty host a summit. Sit back and enjoy your billion bucks.

  2. Sort of, only that this is a link to CBC being of course party to Harpers spin machine, as much as any media outlet is at times.