The first nail in La Presse's coffin: no more BlackBerrys -

The first nail in La Presse’s coffin: no more BlackBerrys


In case anyone thought Gesca was bluffing when it threatened to shut down La Presse and Cyberpresse on December 1 unless they strike a cost-cutting deal with the union, managers at the paper are stepping up the pressure this week. According to TVA, there’s already a plan in place to cease operations and—this is truly the first sign of a looming journalistic apocalypse—reporters will apparently be asked to turn in their BlackBerrys some time next week. Workers are scheduled to meet with the union on Saturday to clear the air—and, presumably, begin panicking.


The first nail in La Presse’s coffin: no more BlackBerrys

  1. The French-language Montreal daily that is competently & comfortably in between populist crass crap (JdeM) and pretentious snobbery (bonne centenaire, Le Devoir) is the one to be dying. Shame.

    But what will be more of a shame, is the (you heard it here first: inevitable) last-minute political debate over just how much future Quebecers' (and by equalization extension, or even more direct extension, future Canadians') tax dollars should be provided to bail 'em out.

    • What amazes me is that Le Devoir remains afloat. Do they have some kind of endowment? Or is the newstand price really high?

      Nice use of the possessive there in the parenthesis, btw.

      • Thank's!

      • Haven't picked up a Devoir in ages, so I don't know. But I suspect many people subscribe to it so they can self-identify as subscribers, but not to actually read the thing. Last time I actually paid for one and tried to work my way through it (admittedly many years ago), I gave up and regretted the coinage I surrendered for it. Blech city. I mean, Ville de Blech.