The FLQ manifesto stays in -

The FLQ manifesto stays in

Event organizers spar with the provincial government over the historical value of the controversial text


Far from canceling a planned reading of the FLQ’s manifesto at a gathering to commemorate the anniversary of the battle of the Plains of Abraham, organizers are instead demanding an apology from a provincial Liberal minister who criticized its inclusion. “When you accuse someone of fomenting violence, it’s serious,” said Brigitte Haentjens, the artistic director behind Quebec City’s Moulin à paroles. “This team is profoundly insulted by the comments and we’re asking for a public apology.” After learning the FLQ’s hardline screed against Anglo dominance would be one of 140 texts featured at the event, Sam Hamad, the provincial minister responsible for the capital region, said, “this is far from poetry. The FLQ for me, the memories I have are of assassinations, of bombs.” The manifesto was first read over the airwaves during the October crisis in 1970 as a condition for the release of kidnapped British trade official James Cross.

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The FLQ manifesto stays in

  1. More boring, pathetic, whining from Quebecers who don’t realize no one cares about their little dreams of independence. Wolfe settled things over two hundred years ago. Its over.
    Quebec’s language and culture are as real and important as a re-enactment of the battle. Secretly you know it and it makes you angry. Too bad.

    • And did you read the Manifeste du FLQ? WOW these guys were and still are truly in their hearts……… terrorists!. -Mike

    • People like you motivate people like them. The FLQ apologists need poster children such as yourself to have relevance.

      Wolfe clearly did not settle as much as you think.

  2. Disgrace. The FLQ MURDERED a man, for no crime other than holding elected office! We don't hear much about that anymore. Quebecer's should be trying to live down this disgraceful, misguided counterrevolutionary effort, not celebrating some half-baked Marxists who wanted to be part of something exciting, and didn't care to distinguish between post-colonial Africa and a province ruled by French speaking Quebeckers. Truly disgusting.

  3. the french were defeated 250 years ago next week …then they waited 210 to form a separatist movement which has been operating for 40 years with no results other than getting more money out of the federal government while their province declines compared to ontario and the west in both population and economic power…..even bill 101 didn't preventl more than 50% of the quebec population from learning english