The G20 and its “irrelevant scapegoats”

Mark Steyn laments the G20’s inability to focus on the real problems afflicting western economies: demographics and spending


After surveying the post-G20 summit landscape, Mark Steyn finds world leaders shirked their responsibility to use the economic crisis to “reverse the combination of unaffordable social programs and deathbed demographics that make a restoration of real GDP growth all but impossible in many European nations.” Instead, they focused their attention on “irrelevant scapegoats,” like shuttering tax havens and erecting a global regulatory regime that hampers economic growth. “A serious G-20 summit,” Steyn argues, “would have seen France commit to the liberalization of its economy; Germany to serious natalist incentives; Britain to a reduction of the near-Soviet size of state spending in Scotland and Northern Ireland; and the United States to allowing its citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money and thus reduce both the dependency on ludicrous asset inflation as the only route to socioeconomic improvement and the risk of a Euro-style decline in birth rate caused by the unaffordability of kids.”

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The G20 and its “irrelevant scapegoats”

  1. More brilliance from Steyn. Well said.

  2. Once again we see the “secret” New World Order controlling the whole stage, this is the greatest Puppet show in the whole wide world. Thanks to Mr Steyn who suggests great strategies to the real challenges of our world and the results that would likely succeed afterwards.
    I frigging hate these Bilderberg group assholes, they deserve to rot in the black holes without souls.

  3. Jesus, pro-natalist policies? What is it with idiots and natalism? To my knowledge, it is the one idea that links various boneheads from Hitler to Ceausescu to Stalin to the Pope. If people don’t want to have babies, no amount of Mark Steyn articles will change that. It is ironic that someone can denounce “unaffordable social programs” and in the same article go one to advocate the mother of all social engineering programs, natalism. Perhaps we should bring out the “hero mothers”!

    • It’s not ironic.

      It’s what we’ve come to expect from Steyn…intellectual laziness.

  4. Steyn wants us to get into a breeding race against Muslims. As a side benefit, he figures this will bring “economic growth”, though he doesn’t bother about whether that’s in per capita terms, and never mind the side effects. It’s always interesting to see someone with such a clever mouth write such obviously idiotic shite. It’s a fact: People can be clever and moronic at the same time — in fact, as Steyn demonstrates, they can be clever and eloquent in the pursuit of moronic goals and policies.

    Anyone who isn’t blinded by ideology or unutterable ignorance realizes that the world already is grossly overpopulated — global fisheries are 90% depleted compared to the 1950s, agriculture is hanging on only by virtue of fertilizers made from non-renewable inputs, teeming masses in the slums of megacities all round the world are living lives of desperation, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is set to triple within the next forty years, India is set to add another 500 million to its 1.1 billion…. and Steyn, a Likudnik Jew who seems to have been infected by the fear Israelis fear at the fact they’re soon going to be demographically swamped by the people they conquered, wants us to respond to all this by breeding more white Jews and Christians to compete with the Islamist hordes.

  5. “global regulatory regimes that hamper economic growth” — its this kind of automatic goose-stepping party line mantra that drove us right off the economic cliff in the first place. The only thing I have seen trickle down lately is crap and hypocrisy.

  6. Steyn seems to suggest that we do not correct the mistakes that led to the present collapse. The billions that have been ripped out of the global economy by phony financial products and use of tax havens are to be ignored. Let’s get rid of the social programs so the ripoffs can continue to even greater depths seems to be the message. I wonder if he is an opinion leader financed by the same people who lobbied governments to create more loopholes for the thieves to swim through. Corporate welfare is the welfare that needs to be eliminated so that we can have healthy economies based on real growth and outcomes rather than the Enron future Steyn’s suggestion would lead us to.

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