The Games are here. Where'd the winter go? -

The Games are here. Where’d the winter go?

Just a day before the men’s downhill, the weather in Whistler is downright balmy


The weather atop Blackcomb has been a tad schizophrenic today—ice rain at noon followed by temperatures so balmy that a quartet of American fans at The Whistler Sliding Centre has basically stripped to nothing but face paint and bras as they lean over the luge track. Nice visibility, but terrible prospects for tomorrow, when the men’s downhill is scheduled.

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The Games are here. Where’d the winter go?

  1. As I've said elsewhere, I don't know why this is a shock to anyone. B.C. ski weather in February has always been notoriously unpredictable, and some article somewhere reminded me that they had the same headaches in more than one major tournament.

    I'm kind of curious why the Games weren't held earlier in the year with exactly this problem in mind.