“The gays” don’t watch football: Donny Deutsch

Larry King Live panel discusses Super Bowl’s ban of gay dating site ad


Gay people don’t watch football. At least, that’s what sports analyst (and noted advertising industry non-expert) Donny Deutsch thinks. Commenting on the recent advert from gay dating site ManCrunch.com, which was rejected by CBS’ Super Bowl broadcast, Deutsch said spending upwards of US$2.6 million for an ad to the alpha male event of the year was sheer folly. “It’s hard to argue that it makes sense to reach a very targeted audience of gay males in America by advertising to this mass audience,” Deutsch said to ManCrunch rep Dominick Friesen. “So you can’t say with a straight face that that was a smart media buy, can ya?” You mean gay men won’t watch a group of athletic men smash against each other while chasing around a leather ball? Right-o, Donny.


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“The gays” don’t watch football: Donny Deutsch

  1. Sadly, the lessons of "Soap" go unremembered.

    Save us Billy Crystal!

  2. don't football players also wear nylons…no more questions your honor

    • Er, that was only Joe Namath, and handsome as he was back ye olde 1970's… no, thanks

  3. Hmm, men in tight pants, grabbing each other — and gay's don't watch that?

    • for 5 seconds they watch and it's mostly boring like it is for every other poor shmuk in north America who bothers to tune in.

      On the other hand, UFC matches– they have a lot more gay guys watching than the marketers maybe realize… just sayin'

  4. And why would straight men watch women's beach volleyball, I mean really.

  5. As if it is about that – that's a red herring.

    The real problem is that the league and the networks are petrified of lost ad revenues for sponsors that would be hesitant to place their ads anywhere near the ManCrunch spot.

    The old homophobic sports narrative is just icing on the cake.

  6. i always wondered why if gays make up 10% of the population they are never shown on advertising and hardly at all on television unless it is a stereotypical role like queer eye for the straight guy ..this may seem far fetched but some day tv may mirror society .

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