The "Global War on Terror" is over! -

The “Global War on Terror” is over!

For speechwriters in the U.S. Defense Department, that is


For some time, reports of the imminent death of the phrase, “Global War on Terror,” have been making the rounds amongst senior administration officials. Yesterday, speechwriters and Defense staffers received an email requiring them to “please use the term Overseas Contingency Operation.”

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The “Global War on Terror” is over!

  1. Obama no longer uses ‘terrorism’ either, it is to be known as man caused disasters, and ‘enemy combatants’ is on its way out as well.

    • The “global terrorists” are no longer known as “enemy combatants”, because most of the world know they are the Bush’s, the Rumsfelds, the Cheneys, the Rockefellers, the United Nations and the main stream media, teleprompter readers, disguising to be truthful journalists.
      The Governments are merely puppets for the New World Order, wake up people. The tube has you brainwashed into sheeople.
      Google infowars or to learn about the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Bildeburg group and mass graves being dug right now all over North America.
      They want to kill 80 percent of us. Wake up and get mad as hell. thx

  2. War on Terror over already? Wow. Thank God!!! I thought it was gonna take like…forever. That Obama guy, he’s good. Cheers

  3. But of course it is! When all else fails declare victory and go home ….